Pacific Alliance Advances on Strategic Issues 


The High Level Group of the Pacific Alliance (from left to right: Francisco Rosenzweig, Department of Foreign Trade of Mexico; Claudia Candela, Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade of Colombia; Ildefonso Guajardo, Secretary of Economy of Mexico; Alvaro Jana, Director General of International Economic Relations of Chile; Carlos Morales, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia; Jose Antonio Zabalgoitia Trejo, Ambassador of Mexico. (Photo courtesy: Ministry of Economy of Mexico).


Bogotá, October 30, 2013. The deputy ministers of Foreign Trade and Foreign Affairs of the Member States of the Pacific Alliance, who form the High Level Group (HLG), met to review the progress of the negotiations on cooperation, movement of persons and immigration transit facilitation, communication strategy, tourism, institutional and regulatory reform. The officials convened during the 8th Round of the Technical Groups, which was held from October 23rd to the 25th.

The meeting incorporated the following new technical groups: Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Foreign Relations, which seeks greater cooperation between Members, Observer, and third countries, and the Committee of Experts, which will analyze the proposals of the Business Council of Pacific Partnership. These technical groups will develop strategic agendas that go beyond commercial aspects.

For this year, the deputy ministers requested the completion of the legal review process of the trade agreement, which was concluded during the 9th Ministerial Meeting of the Pacific Alliance, on August 26th, in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Finally, the HLG approved the creation of a group to facilitate the accession of Costa Rica as a full member to the Pacific Alliance.