Observer States


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Guidelines on the participation of observer states
Pacific Alliance
  1. The Estates that are not part of the Pacific Alliance may participate as an Observer State, according to the present guidelines.
  2. The Observer State shall share the principles and objectives set out in the Framework Agreement for the Pacific Alliance.
  3. States interested in obtaining Observer State should send a written request to the President Pro Tempore, who shall submit it to the States Parties for consideration by the Council of Ministers of the Pacific Alliance.
  4. The Council of Ministers may grant Observer State in accordance with Article 10 of the Framework Agreement and its decision shall be communicated by the President Pro Tempore of the State concerned
  5. Observer States may participate in those meetings and presidential and ministerial bodies of the Pacific Alliance to which invitation issued by itself, prior consent of the States Parties. Unless you agree otherwise the latter criterion, this participation will be only with voice and with representatives of the hierarchical level corresponding to the respective meeting or instance.

  6. Whenever you have signed free trade agreements with at least half of the States Parties, an Observer State may at any time submit your application to become a candidate. The respective application will be decided by the Council of Ministers and its decision shall be communicated to the relevant State Observer President Pro Tempore. If the application has not been accepted, the Observer State may resubmit.
  7. The Observer State whose request for candidate has been accepted, may participate with voice in the discussions that take place in meetings and consulting with the Pacific Alliance to which he has been invited, prior consent of the States Parties.
  8. Within the calendar year from the date of acceptance of the application to be a candidate, the Observer State must comply with the conditions to begin the accession process to the Pacific Alliance. If after the prescribed period, the Observer State has not complied with these conditions, the Council of Ministers and can be previewed approaches that State may grant a new term for these effects and make any recommendations it deems appropriate.
  9. Reaffirms that, in accordance with Article 17 of the Framework Agreement and these Guidelines, Costa Rica and Panama are observer states already considered candidates for States Parties to the Pacific Alliance, unless expressly show something different. In this sense, the term referred to in paragraph 8 above shall commence from the date on which these Guidelines are made ​​known to the States by the President Pro Tempore.
  10. The Observer State is retained in both the State concerned to maintain its commitment to the principles and objectives set out in the Framework Agreement, as well as its interest in monitoring the work of the Alliance. Such quality as it is not terminated by a decision of the Council of Ministers, the Observer State decides not waived or becomes a party to the Pacific Alliance will also be maintained.
  11. States Parties shall, also by consensus and through the President Pro Tempore, may call invited to attend meetings and consulting with the Pacific Alliance they deem relevant.
  12. In advance of each meeting, Observers and guests receive a communication in which the topics and segments of the meetings and proceedings to be open to their participation will be needed. They will also submit the necessary documents and information.
  13. Communications shall be sent to the United Observers and guests through the President Pro Tempore.
  14. Observer States, as guests must maintain confidential treatment and / or confidential information to which access or exchanged in the different instances of the Pacific Alliance to attend unless the States Parties agree something different.