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The Pacific Alliance offers a world of possibilities to businessmen and investors

With a market of around 217 million people with an average GDP per capita of US$ 16 759 (in terms of purchasing power parity), the Pacific Alliance is a suitable platform to encourage joint ventures. It provides opportunities for foreign investments and it is open to entrepreneurship and innovation in various areas.

Promotion agencies and embassies from the four member countries hold joint presentations at international fairs, business rounds, events to promote innovation (LAB4 +) and business seminars in different countries around the world. If you are an exporter, importer, or have interest in developing investment projects in the Pacific Alliance, we invite you to visit the following official links in each country, where you can find the information and contacts needed.









We have commercial agreements within the region and with the most developed economies of the world.



Chile provides attractive investment alternatives in sectors such as mining, services, food industry, infrastructure, tourism and energy. We invite you to discover why Chile is known as a country of opportunities, through the Investment Promotion Agency of the country, the Chilean government entity that will play an active role in seeking overseas capital.


Known for its macroeconomic stability, strong growth, a propitious business environment with human qualified talent, business incentives, security and improved quality of life of its citizens, Colombia is an excellent country to invest.

According to Doing Business Report 2016 of the World Bank, Colombia was ranked 54 among 189 economies in ease of doing business.

Currently, Colombia has 13 commercial agreements that grant preferential access to nearly 1,500 million consumers in important markets. Colombia’s total trade with the world reached a total of US$ 87.239 million in 2015, while exports trebled to register a total of US$ 35.691 million in the same year.

Thanks to its low barriers to foreign direct investment in 2015, Colombia reached a FDI of USD 12.2108.


With the signing of trade agreements on three continents, Mexico is positioned as a gateway to a market potential of more than one billion consumers and 60 % of world GDP.

It is one of the most competitive countries for productive investment internationally because of its macroeconomic and political stability, low inflation, size and strength of its domestic market, economic growth rate and ability to generate advanced manufacturing (high technology products).

In addition, Mexico offers investors a modern and world-class infrastructure, competitive conditions, a favorable environment for business and, most importantly, a young population,talented and skilled .


Peru has made significant progress in macroeconomic performance in recent years, with growth rates of GDP very dynamic, stable exchange rates and low inflation.

Indeed, Peru is now considered one of the major emerging markets in the world , has an important and recent history of economic stability based on an uninterrupted average annual growth of 5.3 % of GDP over the past 15 years.

In 2050 Peru will be one of the fastest growing economies, ranking among the 30 largest economies in the world, because it has maintained a policy of openness in time. In addition, Peru is an economy that works in the globalization process, with preferential access to larger markets. We invite you to learn more about the good business climate in Peru.


Formed on August 29th, 2012, in Mexico City, the Pacific Alliance Business Council (CEAP, by its initials in Spanish) is composed of entrepreneurs and representative unions of the four countries.

It has held sessions six times, some in the context of presidential meetings: on January 24, 2013 (Santiago, Chile), on May 22, 2013 (Cali, Colombia), on September 25, 2013 (New York, US), on February 10th, 2014 (Cartagena, Colombia) on December 8, 2014 (Veracruz, Mexico) and on June 19, 2014 (Punta Mita, Mexico).

Its main objectives include:

  • Promote the Pacific Alliance among member countries as well as with the global business community.
  • Suggest actions to set in motion the integration process and the economic and commercial cooperation between our countries.
  • Drive and suggest views and joint actions towards third markets, particularly the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Present recommendations in the cooperation areas to the four countries business associations.

As part of the Third Session of CEAP some issues of concern were specified and prioritized:

  1. Financial Integration
  2. Make equivalent tax rules
  3. Public procurement
  4. Make equivalent technical standards (food sector)
  5. Make equivalent technical standards (drugs sector)
  6. Make equivalent technical standards (cosmetics industry)
  7. Health certifications issued by the Pan-American Health Organization
  8. Make equivalent and harmonized technical regulations
  9. Academic cooperation
  10. Business Networks
  11. Foreign Trade Single Window (VUCE)
  12. Logistics Competitiveness
  13. Entrepreneurship and Innovation




Alberto Salas - President
Jorge Errázuriz
Juan Eduardo Errázuriz
Hermann Von Muhlenbrock
Juan Pablo Swett
Loreto Marina Leyton Lopez



David Bojanini - President
Carlos Julio Ardila
Mario Hernández
Bruce Mac Master
Martín Carrizosa
María Claudia Lacouture



Valentín Diez - President
Carlos Slim Domit
Francisco del Valle
Luis Robles
Juan Pablo Castañon
Sergio Contreras
Francisco Gonzales



Andreas Von Wedemeyer - Pro Tempore President
Jorge Von Wedemeyer Knigge
Guillermo Ferreyros
Eduardo Amorrortu
Martín Pérez
Luis Torres



Loreto Leyton


Felipe Jaramillo Jaramillo


Sergio Contreras


Luis Torres


Business Council Constitution

Business Council Statement, Santiago – Chile (January, 2013)

Business Council Statement, Cali – Colombia (May, 2013)

Business Council Statement, Punta Mita – Mexico (June 2014)

Business Council Statement, Paracas – Peru (July 2015)

Business Council magazine, chapter Colombia


Who are we?

Promotion entities grouped in the Pacific Alliance are in charge of promoting and increasing the amount of exports, attract Foreign Direct Investment, the internationalization of national businesses and attracting tourist to visit member countries. Within the Alliance, the promotion entities chair the pro tempore Presidency according to a rotatory scheme. This year their activities are coordinated by PromPeru . Next year, these activities will be coordinated by the promotion institutions of Chile.

What do we do?

Based on the promotion entities highly cooperative relationship and aiming to move a step forward towards priority objectives, an action plan has been stablished in order to develop various activities:

1. Increase commercial exchange among the Pacific Alliance countries

  • We identify and promote business opportunities for companies from the Pacific Alliance countries to interact and benefit.
  • Materialization of business instances between exporters and buyers of the Pacific Alliance.
  • Business macro rounds of the Pacific Alliance

2. Increase and strengthen its presence in international markets.

  • Leverage our potential to encourage international promotion and jointly participate in leading international fairs and events
  • Work on the joint opening of trade offices in markets of interest to the Pacific Alliance

3. Promote investment opportunities in the countries of the Alliance

  • Provide assistance and guidance to investors for launching their projects
  • Conduct seminars and events in the major markets of the world to promote opportunities in member countries of the Pacific Alliance

4. Promoting intra Alliance investment.

  • We stimulate contacts for companies that want to develop an investment project and have identified a partner within the Alliance members
  • We disseminate information about relevant aspects to make investment decisions such as the applicable legal framework, tax and tariff regimes, market information, infrastructure, basic services and labor

5. Promoting tourism.

  • We develop a set of promoting tourism actions that increase the intra Alliance tourism.

6. Internationalization of innovative entrepreneurships.

  • We have experiences exchange plans to strengthen the knowledge of the companies in our countries
  • Common agenda of promotion and entrepreneurship international development, innovation of member countries
  • Creation of working bodies for the smallest Pacific Alliance companies

Management 2012

  • 6 Foreign Direct Investment opportunities seminars
  • 2 joint participations in International Fairs


  • 24 trade and/or investment opportunities seminars
  • 8 joint participations in International Fairs
  • 3 business forums and/or conferences
  • I Business Matchmaking
  • I activation in Peruvian Supermarkets


  • 17 trade and/or investment opportunities seminars
  • 9 joint participations in International Fairs
  • 1° Business Matchmaking for Pacific Alliance exportations
  • 2° Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum, LAB4
  • Launch of the joint promotion office in Turkey
  • 1° Food festival “Flavors of the Alliance”


  • Trade and/or investment opportunities seminars
  • Joint participations in International Fairs
  • 3° Business Matchmaking of the Pacific Alliance
  • 3° Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum, LAB4
  • 1° Women Entrepreneurs Leaders Forum


  • Trade and/or investment opportunities seminars
  • 4° Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum, LAB4
  • 4° Business Matchmaking (for SME’s) of the Pacific Alliance
  • 3° Business Summit of the Pacific Alliance






Commercial office Turkey Addressİnönü Caddesi No 43/5 Gümüşsuyu Taksim – Estambul, Turquía Tel: 90 (0) 212 243 0619

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