The Ministers of Environment of the Republic of Chile, Pablo Martínez Badenier; of the Republic of Colombia, Gabriel López Vallejo; of the United Mexican States, Rafael Pacchiano Alamán; and of the Republic of Peru, Manuel Pulgar Vidal Otálora; gathered in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia,


  1. Our commitment to a Green Growth strategy that ensures a sustainable, equitable and inclusive economic development in our countries. That is why we reaffirm our particular interest in strengthening sustainable consumption and production methods, helping to promote investment and markets for environmental goods and services, to encourage green jobs, and to support progress toward the decoupling of economic growth regarding the use of natural resources. Furthermore, take actions to ensure the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services and to address climate change, in accordance with the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and the respective capabilities.
  2. Our commitment to see that the problems that negatively impact the environment will not end up disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable sectors, that is, with environmental equity as a central hub of the environmental policy. We also reaffirm our intention to strengthen, under each country’s current legal framework, an environmental institutionalism and its management instruments, including appropriate information access, gender-equality public participation in decision making and access to justice in environmental matters so as to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for a sustainable development.
  3. Our decision to make greater efforts to implement efficient and effective environmental policies and drive the development of instruments and incentives that encourage the participation of different actors, including the private sector, on actions that contribute to the improvement of environmental management. It is our particular interest to promote dialogue on economic mechanisms for the mitigation of greenhouse gases and the development of renewable energy, among other measures to combat climate change.
  4. Our commitment to foster processes of national dialogue between the relevant governments and stakeholders, like the private sector, which allow us to improve our policies and instruments, so that trade and environmental policies are mutually supportive and promote the optimal use of natural resources, according to the sustainable development goal.
  5. Our willingness to articulate and promote a common environmental agenda that addresses the shared environmental priorities and contributes to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) under the United Nations 2030 Agenda.
  6. Our willingness to promote the creation of a Working Group within the Pacific Alliance, under the framework of the Declaration of the Presidents of the Pacific Alliance on Climate Change at COP20/CMP10, for which we entrust the Minister for Environment of Peru to channel this initiative through the applicable formal procedures.
  7. Our agreement regarding future joint activities that allow to effectively advance on the identification, establishment and implementation of a Green Growth Platform.

Cartagena de Indias, March 30, 2016