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InnovAP Agencies

PA Angels

Public-Private Agenda

During 2016, the Pacific Alliance’s Technical Innovation Group (TIG), together with the Innovation group of the Pacific Alliance Business Board (PABB), and supported by the IDB through a Regional Public Goods project, has made a public-private agenda of activities to be developed during the period 2016-2019, in order to create an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship of the Pacific Alliance. This agenda was agreed with the private sector through PABB, and was presented and mandated during the business and presidential summit held in Puerto Varas, in June 2016. The agenda includes activities in three areas or fields that facilitate the development of the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship of the Pacific Alliance:


  • Activities for the support and internationalization of innovators, entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Activities of socialization and integration of policies and public instruments of support to the ecosystem of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Place for purification and regulatory integration that eases the action of innovators and entrepreneurs in the four member countries.


  • Pacific Alliance Business Accelerator (Acelera AP)
  • Network of Laboratories of Social-Public Innovation
  • Network of Angeles Investors
  • Crowdfunding
  • Technological Transfer Program
  • Corporate Innovation Program
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum Lab4 +
  • Visibility and communication of public-private Agenda projects
  • Forum for the discussion of regulatory policies of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Network of Innovation Agency (Innova AP)


Business accelerator network designed to expedite growth and ensure the success of entrepreneurship projects across a broad range of business resources and services that can include physical space rentals, capitalization, coaching, networking and other basic services.


Objective: To facilitate that entrepreneurs and innovators of the four countries can make soft landings of their projects in any of the countries of the PA and can access any market within the countries of the alliance by expanding their commercial opportunities and strategic networks.


Work Areas: Selection and negotiation with accelerators for the establishment of a network of business accelerators of the PA; definition of its executive protocol and work schedule.


Network of angel investor groups mainly, as well as other types of investors such as family offices, corporations or others, with the aim of syndicating investments, sharing opportunities, achieving economies of scale in the due diligence of opportunities and taking advantage of public support funds.


Objective: To connect the entrepreneurs of the region with investors from the four countries, thus giving them greater opportunities for financing, and at the same time, giving the investors a greater diversity of business opportunities with regional potential. In this way, both entrepreneurs and investors will have access to a portfolio of projects simultaneously. The angel investor network is a natural and necessary complement to the PA business accelerator, thus generating a virtuous circle between entrepreneurs and investors of the Pacific Alliance.


Work Areas: Selection and negotiation with networks in each country for the establishment of an angel investor network of the PA; Definition of its executive protocol and a work agenda.


Network of public innovation agencies of the Pacific Alliance whose objective is to drive the internationalization of innovative entrepreneurship through AceleraAP, and ÁngelesAP initiatives. Its work focus is based on:

1.- To be a learning and good practices space: For the discussion of policies, institutionality, regulatory issues, and experiences of other countries.

2.- Design calls and propose financing: For the presentation of common challenges, execution of activities and joint financing aimed at advancing the public-private agenda.

3.- Address challenges by clusters: To finance themes in common industries that are part of the countries’ strategies.


Objective: To strengthen the innovation capacities of established companies, with emphasis on the incorporation of culture and innovation practices that allow to seize opportunities at the regional level. It will promote the incorporation of companies to the regional ecosystem through the establishment of links between companies from different countries, and with the communities of startups of the region.


Work Areas: Identification of the main gaps to strengthen innovative practices with a regional perspective, definition of selection criteria for participating companies, financing models and incorporation of best practices at the international level in this area.