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During the XIII Pacific Alliance Summit, held on July 24th, 2018 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, by presidential mandate, the Global Chains of Value and Productive Linkages Technical Group was formed with the aim of promoting the development of productive linkages between the four countries and improving the insertion of the mechanism into the regional and global value chains.

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The value chain describes the full range of activities that companies and workers around the world perform to carry a product from conception to production and end use. This includes tangible and intangible value-added activities, such as research and development (R & D), design, production, distribution, marketing and support to the final consumer. Therefore, global value chains consist of cross-border and inter-company networks that bring a good or service to the market.

According to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the year 2019, it is estimated that 2/3 of world trade is carried out through the Global Value Chains. In this sense, the PA seeks to take advantage of this trade through the generation of productive linkages, in order to enable the four member countries to benefit from the GVCs.

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  1. Identify, generate and take advantage of global and regional value chains.

  2. Design and propose strategies to promote the development of productive linkages.

  3. Boost productive sectors with potential to be inserted into global and regional value chains.

  4. Expand and deepen industrial complementarity among the member countries.

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The group is currently working on the development of a study on potential productive linkages between the countries of the PA, which aims to identify strategies that encourage the development of productive linkages and support the insertion of the four countries in the global and regional value chains.

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Implement actions to promote the development of productive chains and the insertion in the regional and global value chains of the Pacific Alliance.

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Deepen and expand studies for the identification of potential productive linkages between the Pacific Alliance countries and with third markets.