Under the pro tempore presidency of Colombia, the III Cooperation Forum of the Pacific Alliance was held virtually

November 29, 2021.- With the slogan «Economic and sustainable reactivation of the region: contributions of international cooperation», the III Cooperation Forum of the Pacific Alliance was held on Monday, a space for dialogue and exchange of knowledge and experiences with the Observer States of the bloc, other regional blocs and allies such as the Inter-American Development Bank, with the purpose of promoting and stimulating cooperation in the context of the post-pandemic.

The forum, which was held virtually, had the opening words of the Vice Minister of Multilateral Affairs, María Carmelina Londoño, as representative of the pro tempore presidency of the Pacific Alliance, who emphasized the priority that economic reactivation means for the PA countries and the fundamental role of international cooperation in fulfilling this purpose. «International cooperation is one of the fundamental pillars of the PA and contributes significantly to the achievement of a more global Alliance,» said the Vice Minister.

During the Forum, five dialogue tables were held on the topics of gender and women’s economic empowerment; environment and sustainability; creative industries; economic recovery with emphasis on the tourism sector; and disaster risk reduction. The dialogue tables served as a space for the technical bodies of the Pacific Alliance and experts from the Observer States to exchange views and share experiences that can contribute to the resolution of a regional need identified in each of the tables.

«We are sure that this space will be conducive to generate exchanges of experiences and good practices, for the benefit of our countries and at the same time, explore the possibility of sharing our experiences as a bloc and promote relevant issues by deepening cooperation relations with allies and partners with whom we meet today,» concluded Vice Minister Londoño.

Also speaking at the opening of the III Cooperation Forum were the Deputy Minister of International Trade of Canada, John Hannaford; the Executive Director for the Americas of the European External Action Service, Javier Niño; the Deputy Director General for the Americas of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ambassador Yurii Diudin, and the Director of Supply of the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation of Colombia (APC Colombia), Catalina Quintero. The closing and conclusions were in charge of the Director of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, Álvaro Calderón Ponce de León.