After adopting the ASEAN-Pacific Alliance Framework for Cooperation during the III Ministerial Meeting, held on September 24, 2016, the PA and ASEAN remain committed to improve the economic and trade ties between the two blocs and to explore greater cooperation through the development of a new ASEAN-Pacific Alliance Work Plan 2021-2025, which includes areas such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution; Trade and Investment; SMEs; Education; Science, Technology and Innovation; Digital Economy; Gender and Sustainable Development.

In that sense, the Pacific Alliance and ASEAN have expressed since 2014 their commitment to forging stronger links between the two regional mechanisms, as well as strengthening cooperation in order to promote relations and develop initiatives in addressing regional and global issues for the benefit of both regions.

The five pillars of the Work Plan are: i) economic cooperation; ii) education and people-to-people contact; iii) science, technology, and innovation, as well as smart cities and connectivity; iv) environment and sustainable development; and v) cooperation in post-pandemic economic recovery.

Co-chairs’ Press Release 6th ASEAN-Pacific Alliance Ministerial Meeting