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Within the framework of the Cooperation Agreement on Tourism and the Specific Cooperation Program on Tourism, the objective of the group is to work on joint projects, activities and actions that allow the strengthening of the sector in the member countries. These actions will be oriented towards the exchange of experiences, mutual support in multilateral scenarios, facilitation of mobility, and the realization of promotional events, or specialized business conferences; all this with the aim of generating a growing and constant movement of intra or extra regional people, motivated by the strategies undertaken from the public sector in the member countries.



María Sofía Valenzuela
In charge of international affairs of the Under secretariat of Tourism


Mary Amalia Vasquez Murillo
Director of Quality and Sustainable Development of Tourism
Vice Ministry of Tourism– MINCIT

Lina Fernanda Pinto
International Cooperation – Management of Quality and Sustainable Tourism Development Viceministerio de Turismo – MINCIT


Emmanuel Romain Ernest Rey
Director General of Promotion and International Affairs
Secretary of Tourism of Mexico


Fabiola Velásquez Cuba
Coordinator of Cooperation and International Relations in Tourism
Vice Ministry of Tourism– MINCETUR

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Documents of interest



The Lima Declaration (2019)

  • Promote the consolidation of the tourism product design of the Pacific Alliance, which allow in the future the creation of multi-destination routes.
  • Work on the exchange of experiences in technological tools that facilitate the tourist experience and improve the competitiveness of the sector.
  • Exchange experiences on the air trade policy of the Pacific Alliance member countries, as well as the implemented actions to generate better access conditions to the international flight market.
  • Exchange experiences on social and accessible tourism policies and programs that can be implemented in the member countries.


  • 3rd Tourism Statistics Forum, in the city of Lima – Peru, from November 13 to 15, which was attended by all the member countries.

  • The Pacific Alliance Sustainable Tourism Forum in the city of Medellin – Colombia, on October 19, which included the participation of a representative from each member country, through which they could share national experiences and strategies for the development of sustainable tourism.

  • Several activities were carried out around the exchange of experiences in cultural tourism:

    • Meeting of Heritage Towns, which took place in the city of Socorro Santander in Colombia, on July 28 and 29, 2017.

    • 8th Community Tourism National Meeting, held in the city of Nuquí Chocó, on August 30 and 31, 2017.

    • Participation of Peru in the Academic Day within the framework of the 4th Magical Towns Fair, on November 16, 2017, in Monterrey – Mexico.

Finally in terms of promotion, there was participation in several international fairs throughout the year with the logo of the Pacific Alliance, thanks to the help of the Technical Promotion Group and the Promotion Agencies of each country, such as FITUR Spain, ANATO Colombia, ITB Berlin, IMEX Frankfurt and FIEXPO Latin America, IMEX America, FIT Argentina and WTM UK. Participation has also been achieved with the joint stand of the Pacific Alliance at the “Tianguis Turistico Mexico” International Fair from March 27 to 30 and the realization of the 4th Pacific Alliance Tourism Business Matchmaking from May 24 to 26 in Valparaiso – Chile (activity led by Turismo Chile); the 3rd Pacific Alliance Tourism Roadshow in China, from September 1 to 8 (activity led by ProColombia).