¿What we do?

The Pacific Alliance SME Technical Group is the work space in which the issues of promotion, encouragement and inclusion of SMEs are addressed, establishing support mechanisms to ensure that smaller companies benefit from regional Alliance opportunities, through the exchange of best practices and the strengthening of public policies of the member countries.


The Santiago Declaration (2020)

  • Establish a business incubators network of the Pacific Alliance, as a mechanism to support entrepreneurs, promoting their development in early stages for their strengthening within the market.

The Lima Declaration (2019)

  • Implement a crowdfunding collective financing platform for financing of MSMEs, in coordination with the Innovation Technical Group and Financial Integration Working Group.

  • Encourage trade between creative goods and services industries (orange economy) in the Pacific Alliance, which allows to take advantage of the benefits offered by the economic bloc.

  • Promote the digitalization of MSMEs, bringing them closer to information and communication technologies, with the aim of reducing their competitiveness gap.

Business initiatives and services

  1. Entrepreneur Capital Fund To apply, access to www.angelventures.vc and go to the applications section
  2. Network of Business Development Centers
  3. SME Public Policy Index
  4. Easy Export Tool
  5. Integration of SME Guilds in the Pacific Alliance
  6. “Junior Entrepreneur of the Pacific” Education Program
  7. Simplification Program for Business Formalization Procedures