¿What we do?

The Communicational Strategy Group (GEC, by its acronym in Spanish) aims to design and implement communication strategies so that the Pacific Alliance is recognized worldwide as a model of regional integration that drives the development of the economy, trade, competitiveness and effective cooperation among its members, within the framework of a global economy.
In order to achieve the above, the GEC has proposed the following actions:
  • Disclose the potential of the economy, competitive advantages and opportunities offered by the Pacific Alliance, for business and investment.

  • Identify the Pacific Alliance as a mechanism that strengthens the development of its members.

  • In relevant international markets, identify the Pacific Alliance as an optimal mechanism for linking the Latin American and Asia-Pacific economies.

  • Position the Pacific Alliance as a block of economic-commercial integration and cooperation, committed to free trade, democracy and development with equity.

  • Ensure that the Pacific Alliance is recognized as a non-exclusive and complementary entity with other regional integration processes.



The Lima Declaration (2019)

Prepare the Communication Guide for Social Networks of the Pacific Alliance, taking as reference the 2030 Strategic Vision in order to contribute to the positioning of the Pacific Alliance as a more integrated, more global, more connected and citizen-oriented mechanism.