About us

The Development and Social Inclusion Technical Group of the Pacific Alliance is constituted with the Declaration of Lima (July 2019), whose agenda is aligned with the foundational objectives of achieving greater well-being and sustainable development, overcoming inequality economic and, the social inclusion of its citizens.

The group was born with the purpose of contributing to the reduction of poverty and inequality gaps in all its forms and dimensions, which have a negative impact on the sustained economic growth of the Pacific Alliance. In that sense, it has been proposed that the priority themes of the group be: Multidimensional Poverty, Innovation & Social Cohesion, and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (especially in the SDG 1 “End poverty in all its forms”).


In order to give an early start to the work of this group, its members resolved to propose the following tasks:

  • To have a Regional Observatory for the development of joint actions in relation to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in the PA countries.

  • Conduct a comparative study on the impact of multidimensional poverty on the economic growth of the PA countries.

  • Systematization of good practices in innovation and social cohesion to improve living conditions and poverty reduction of vulnerable populations in the PA countries, in coordination with the technical innovation groups, digital agenda, movement of people and education.