¿What we do?

  • In order to fulfill the commitments made by the High Level Group (GAN, by its acronym in Spanish) of the Pacific Alliance, a technical team works in the institutional and cross-cutting disciplines, as well as in the dispute settlement mechanism that allows Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru to analyze and revise in an agile and efficient way the difficulties that may arise, on the occasion of the application or interpretation of the normative provisions of the Pacific Alliance.

  • Additionally, it provides legal assistance to the GAN and the other technical groups; it is also in charge of preparing the instruments that regulate the functioning of the organs of the Pacific Alliance, as well as others that are deemed pertinent.

Work Projects

Conclusion of the legal review of the Regulatory Cooperation in Food Supplements Annex.

Conclusión de la revisión legal del Anexo sobre Cooperación Regulatoria en Suplementos Alimenticios.


The Cali Declaration (June 2017)

To elaborate the regulations of the Council of Ministers of the Pacific Alliance.