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The Sub-Group of Technical Barriers to Trade is responsible for ensuring that standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures do not become unnecessary barriers to trade. In this sense, work is being carried out in the area of regulatory cooperation aimed at eliminating unnecessary barriers to trade as a result of the application of technical regulations for products in the region.

Documents of interest

  • Critical Route of Regulatory Cooperation

    Derived from the presidential mandate of the 20th Ibero-American Summit held in December 2010, the presidents of Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru instructed the corresponding Ministers to start the work required to form an area of deep integration called the Pacific Alliance.

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  • Inter-institucional Cooperation Agreement

    That were held by the health authorities of the countries of the Pacific Alliance in the field of pharmaceutical products.

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  • Elimination of Technical Barriers to Trade in Cosmetic Products Annex

    The Parties shall take the necessary steps to harmonize the definition of a cosmetic product on the basis of the definition established in Regulation (CE) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and Council of 30 November 2009 on cosmetic products, European Union.

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  • Elimination of Technical Barriers to Trade in Organic Products Annex


  • Conclude the negotiations of the Domestic Cleaning Products Annex in order to adopt the best regulatory practices at international level.

  • Finalize the work of implementation of the Medical Devices Annex.

  • Advance the work for the implementation of the Pharmaceutical Products and Food Supplements Annexes.

  • Evaluate, define and initiate negotiations for a new sector in Regulatory Cooperation matter.