The Market Access Committee was established in Article 3.17 of the Additional Protocol to the Framework Agreement to the Pacific Alliance (PA), which is composed of representatives of each of the Parties. Its competence is with respect to the disciplines of Chapter 3 “Market Access”, where tariff and non-tariff conditions for trade in goods among the four members of the PA are established.

In addition, tariff commitments for goods are set out in each Party’s Tariff Elimination Schedules (Annex 3.4) under the Protocol. The Tariff Schedules represent commitments not to increase any existing customs duty, or adopt any new customs duty, on originating goods.


Among the Committee’s functions are the following:

  • Monitoring the compliance, application, and correct interpretation of the agreed provisions;
  • Providing a discussion forum to consult;
  • Addressing barriers to trade in goods between the Parties;
  • Making recommendations to the Free Trade Commission.


The mandate of the Market Access Committee for 2022 is:

“To coordinate with other Committees and/or Working Groups on the implementation of actions to promote greater utilization of the Protocol to the Pacific Alliance, particularly, on actions related to the promotion and capacity-building of the productive sectors of the region, taking into consideration, among others, gender equality.”

Source: Annex 2, Bahía Málaga Declaration – Buenaventura


Contact points in each country: