In 2018, the first summit between the Pacific Alliance and MERCOSUR was held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, an opportunity that brought together the presidents of Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, representing the Pacific Alliance, and the presidents and representatives of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, on behalf of MERCOSUR.

The Summit between the two blocs, was held within the framework of the XIII Summit of the Pacific Alliance and culminated with the signing of the Presidential Statement of the countries of the Pacific Alliance and MERCOSUR, which reaffirmed the commitment to further advance towards their integration.

This Joint Declaration establishes the decision of both blocs to continue advancing and deepening the integration process between both Parties, through the implementation of an Action Plan, to complement and expand the existing Road Map between the Pacific Alliance and MERCOSUR.

It also reaffirms its interest in strengthening cooperation ties and promoting economic and trade relations in areas of common interest, with the aim of advancing on regional integration, considering global opportunities and challenges.

The areas of the PA-MERCOSUR Action Plan are:

  • Non-Tariff Barriers; 
  • Trade Facilitation;
  • Global Value Chains and Cumulation of Origin;
  • Regulatory Cooperation;
  • Trade Promotion and MSMEs;
  • Trade Facilitation in Services;
  • Digital Agenda;
  • Inclusive Trade and Gender;
  • Exchange of experiences in academic mobility;
  • Tourism;
  • Culture;
  • Mobility of People.