¿What we do?

  • It designs, proposes and coordinates programs and activities to achieve productive and competitive improvements in the countries of the Pacific Alliance, highlighting the importance of innovation as a tool to improve the competitiveness of the mechanism and its member countries.

  • The role of the Pacific Alliance Innovation Ecosystem (EIAP, by its acronym in Spanish) is to interact with each country’s own system in order to increase the individual and joint results of the countries in regards to business innovation and innovative entrepreneurship.

  • The main objective of the EIAP is to develop strategies, programs and instruments that accelerate and boost innovation in the member countries.

  • The EIAP in no case replaces the role or responsibility of each country and its institutions in developing their own innovation strategies.

  • Additionally, the four countries agreed on five pillars to develop: Human Capital, Financing, Generation and Transfer of Knowledge, Regulatory Framework and Mentality and Culture.


  • The Santiago Declaration (2020)

    • To execute actions conducive to reducing Regulatory Limitations for Ventures of High Impact in the Pacific Alliance Countries.

    • Establish the thematic network “Impactamos”, made up of relevant actors in innovation and technological development in key sectors for the countries of the Pacific Alliance.

  • The Lima Declaration (2019)

    • Implement in coordination with the private sector the corporate entrepreneurship network of the Pacific Alliance.

    • Design a knowledge digital platform and networking platform that connects members of the Pacific Alliance innovation ecosystem.



  • PA Accelerator Network (AcelerAP, by its acronym in Spanish)

    Designed to encourage rapid growth and ensure the success of entrepreneurship projects through a wide range of business resources and services, which may include rental of physical spaces, capitalization, coaching, networking (access to a network of contacts) and other basic services.

  • Objective: To enable entrepreneurs and innovators from the four countries to make soft landing of their projects in any of the countries of the PA and to access any market within those countries, expanding their business opportunities and strategic networks

  • Working Areas: Selection and negotiation with accelerators for the establishment of a network of business accelerators of the PA; definition of its operation protocol and work schedule.


  • PA Investors Network (InnversionistasAP, by its acronynim in Spanish)

    Network of investment funds and groups of mainly angel investors, as well as other types of investors such as family offices, corporations or others, with the aim of identifying synergies, sharing opportunities, achieving economies of scale in the due diligence of opportunities and generating trust among network members and with other institutions.

  • Objective: To connect entrepreneurs in the region with investors from the four countries, thus giving them greater financing opportunities and making a greater diversity of businesses with regional potential available to investors. In this way, it seeks to strengthen the links between entrepreneurs and investors from the countries of the Pacific Alliance, being a necessary complement to the network of Accelerators, by providing continuity of financing that allows the development of the Venture Capital industry in the region.

  • Work Areas: Selection and negotiation with private equity funds and angel investor networks in each country to strengthen the network, share the project portfolio among members in order to identify investment opportunities at the regional level and generate an agenda collaborative work with AcelerAP and TransferenciAP.


  • PA Network of Innovation Agencies (InnovAP, by its acronym in Spanish)

    Network of public innovation agencies of the Pacific Alliance with the aim of coordinating instruments and programs that facilitate, logistically and financially, the internationalization process of entrepreneurship and innovation projects in the four countries. Its work focus is based on:

    • To be a space for learning and good practices: for the discussion of policies, institutions, regulatory issues and experiences of other countries.

    • Design calls and propose financing: for the approach of common challenges, execution of activities and joint financing tending to advance the public-private agenda.

    • Address challenges by clusters: to finance issues in common industries that are part of the countries’ strategy.

  • Objective: to strengthen the innovation capabilities of established companies, with emphasis on the incorporation of culture and innovation practices that allow to take advantage of opportunities at regional level.

    The incorporation of companies into the regional ecosystem will be encouraged through the establishment of links among companies from different countries and with the communities of emerging companies in the region.

  • Working Areas: identification of the main gaps to promote innovative practices with a regional perspective, definition of the selection criteria of the participating companies, financing models and incorporation of best practices at the international level in this area.


Network of technology transfer offices, which seeks to strengthen and coordinate the capacities of companies and startups of the Pacific Alliance for the use and commercialization of technologies.