Cooperation Council of the Pacific Alliance starts working meetings to strengthen cooperation with Observer States

In the framework of the XXXV Round of Technical Groups of the Pacific Alliance held in Santiago, Chile, between October 14th and 16th, 2019, the first meeting of the Cooperation Council was held, the implementation of which was announced at the XIV Pacific Alliance Summit in Lima.

The Cooperation Council, formed by the cooperation authorities of the four countries of the Pacific Alliance, aims to promote and materialize concrete cooperation initiatives with the observer States that the mechanism has, which to date add up to 59. The areas of cooperation that are of interest to the Observer States are: SMEs, environment, culture, innovation, digital agenda, trade facilitation and education.

The Pacific Alliance Cooperation Council was created by presidential mandate and its functions were established by Decision No. 5 of the Council of Ministers.

Observer states

To date, the Pacific Alliance has 59 Observer States with which it develops various cooperation initiatives.

In line with the work done with the Observer States, the Pacific Alliance held the First Technical Forum of Cooperation of the Pacific Alliance with Observer States, in April 2019 in Lima, during which a first portfolio was presented that includes agreed projects of supply and demand for cooperation.