About us

According to The Paracas Declaration, signed during the 10th Pacific Alliance Summit, on July 3, 2015, the presidents instructed the creation of the Pacific Alliance Culture Technical Group.

Cultural and creative industries have a high potential as a productive sector and a booster of the economy given its double nature: on the one hand, they are linked to the production of wealth thanks to its high profitability, the revitalization of the economy and the income and employment generation; and, on the other hand, they strengthen social values by influencing significantly the construction of diverse identities and the strengthening of citizenship.
The Culture Technical Group aims to promote the development of entrepreneurship of the cultural and creative industries of the member countries, taking advantage of their high productive and dynamic potential of a sustainable economy that, at the same time, builds and projects internationally the identity and diversity of the Pacific Alliance.

¿Who is part of it?

Ministery of Culture of Chile

Ministery of Culture of Colombia

Secretary of Culture of Mexico

Ministery of Culture of Peru


  • The Santiago Declaration (2020)

    • Promote the participation of the Pacific Alliance in spaces for the promotion and exchange of cultural goods and services, such as the G-FACCT in Colombia and the CHEC Market in Chile, as well as in forums or other international spaces and add it to global projects.

    • Promote the generation of capacities, the exchange of experiences and knowledge, together with the qualification of occupations of independent cultural agents in the sectors: publishing, music, performing arts (theater, dance and circus), audiovisual, cultural heritage and other cultural trades and creative; in order to strengthen the training, recognition, circulation and commercialization of cultural goods and services in the region.

  • The Lima Declaration (2019)

    Prioritize the publishing sector and, gradually, the performing arts, music and the audiovisual sector.