With the purpose of presenting together the most important aspects of the Pacific Alliance and their relevance to Malaysia, the ambassadors of Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Chile’s Chargé d’affaires assigned to that country, organized the forum “Pacific Alliance: Latin America-Malaysia business prospects”, attended by local entrepreneurs and authorities.

During the event, co-organized by the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Malaysia, representatives from the four countries conducted a historical account of the search for the integration processes in the Latin region that led to the creation of the Pacific Alliance; they highlighted the traits that link together the four countries, their operational capabilities and organizational structure.

They also unveiled the statistics that single out the group, its economic growth, sustainability, the focus of its exports, the legal framework that assists investors, market opportunities and production chain; they underlined the joint tendency toward the markets of Asia and Southeast Asia and they presented a summary of the Alliance’s latest developments as well as the initiative’s current and future plans.

At the end of the forum, the representatives of the four countries answered questions from the audience, stressing the advantages of participating in a consolidated integration process with strong economies.


Malaysia, May 30, 2016