Through its Platform for Academic and Student Mobility, the Pacific Alliance announces the launch of the VII competition for grants for the period 2016-I, with the aim of contributing to the strengthening and development of human capital in the member countries of the Alliance Pacific.

The program offers participants the opportunity to make academic exchanges in the form of undergraduate and graduate students as well as teachers and researchers in areas such as finance, tourism, economy, international trade, management and others. The scholarship winners will attend an academic semester in full-time attendance programs, they will also receive a monthly allowance to cover costs of accommodation, food, transport and health insurance, as well as exemption from academic costs in accordance with the agreements between the university and receiver.

Students and teachers interested can visit the websites of the organizations responsible for channeling grants in each country: AGCI (Chile), ICETEX (Colombia), AMEXCID (Mexico) and PRONABEC (Peru), where they will find more information on the Program, the requirements and the timing of application.

It notes that the Platform for Academic and Student Mobility is one of the first achievements of the Pacific Alliance in the field of cooperation. Currently, 855 nationals of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru have benefited from these grants and is expected to end of the year the figure exceeds 1,000 participants.