Intense week of activities for the Pacific Alliance in Santiago

Alianza del Pacífico (octubre 12/16). The Pacific Alliance initiated an intense week of activities to be held in Santiago with sessions of the technical groups in which over 150 professionals from the governments of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru take part, aiming to continue developing the integration process in its different areas.

This gathering of the technical groups will extend until Thursday with meetings addressing Institutional Affairs, Cooperation, SMEs, PA Entrepreneurial Board, Education, Labor, Movement of People, Safety, Single Window for Foreign Trade (VUCE), Regulatory Cooperation and Communications. Also, the Foreign Relations group has had meetings with delegations from Canada, the United Kingdom, United States and the CAF.

This Thursday, during the seminar of the OECD Latin America Regional Program to be held at ECLAC, the vice-ministers of the Pacific Alliance will participate in a panel on cooperation between the Pacific Alliance and the OECD.

The encounters will come to an end this Friday with a meeting of the High Level Group (HLG), which is formed by the vice-ministers of Commerce and Foreign Affairs of the four countries and is responsible for supervising the advancement of the technical groups and preparing proposals for the projection and rapprochement with other organizations or groups.

That same day, the vice-ministers will participate in the seminar “Challenges and Advancements: Professional Technical Education in the Pacific Alliance”, having a talk on “The ties between the production and education sectors for the establishment of development in the States.”