Cooperation, sustainability and positioning: the keys to the first seminar on attracting tourism investment of the Pacific Alliance

  • The meeting, which took place in Santiago, brought together the main sectoral authorities from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, as well as professionals from other Latin American countries.

September 5, 2023.- To generate a strategy to attract tourism investments for the member countries of the Pacific Alliance, strengthen coordination and generate implementation mechanisms, encouraging development, growth and consolidating the post-pandemic economic recovery. These were the main objectives of the meeting held in Santiago, which brought together the main sectoral authorities of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, and representatives of other Latin American countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

The meeting also addressed the work carried out in identifying the enabling conditions to generate the strategy for attracting tourism investment; determining the investment vectors, identifying investment opportunities in each country; generating tools to disseminate the support lines of each of the countries to facilitate investment and formalizing the sustainability mechanism of the strategy, establishing a Pacific Alliance Tourism Investment Committee and drawing up a biannual action plan.

During the meeting, authorities and participants attended the presentation “Green Investments for Sustainable Tourism”, as well as panels on regional integration as a mechanism to strengthen the attraction of tourism investments and the promotion of tourism investments as an instrument to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment. They also received a message from Gustavo Santos, regional director for the Americas of the World Tourism Organization, who addressed the importance of promoting green investments, precisely the central motto of World Tourism Day to be celebrated on September 27.

In this context, the working spaces emphasized the importance of promoting cooperation and encouraging the implementation of sustainable investment schemes to attract tourism investments in the Pacific Alliance countries, in a scenario of reactivation of the industry, and also highlighted the need to generate enabling and facilitating conditions to promote a pro-investment ecosystem in the Pacific Alliance countries, benefiting potential investors and entrepreneurs interested in investing in tourism, and positioning the Pacific Alliance countries as destinations for investment in tourism, facilitating the opening of new businesses in the sector, the improvement of the existing offer and job creation.

The first investment attraction seminar was part of the implementation of the project financed by the Pacific Alliance Cooperation Fund called “Boosting the attraction of tourism investments for the sustainable reactivation of the Pacific Alliance countries”.