Diagnosis of rural women’s entrepreneurship in the Pacific Alliance presented

July 18, 2023.- On June 28, 2023, Universidad de la Frontera presented in a virtual event the “Diagnosis on the participation of rural and indigenous entrepreneurship in productive chains: towards the construction of a strategy that promotes the participation of women, particularly rural women, in these areas”.

The study was conducted by the Universidad de la Frontera (UFRO) within the framework of the 2022 call of the Pacific Alliance Cooperation Fund, in which the PA Gender Technical Group (GTG) obtained funding for the project.

The event was attended by Camilo Rosas Flores, director of the IDER-UFRO Institute, Verónica Torres Barriga, IDER-UFRO professional, Catalina Garrido Higuera, IDER-UFRO professional and project coordinator and Laura Soto Arroyave, GTG coordinator.

The expert presented the main results of the study and highlighted the participation of female employment in foreign trade, the barriers faced by rural women entrepreneurs, as well as opportunities and strengths, in addition to good practices developed from public policies, among others. In addition, Garrido indicated that the results can be viewed in detail by downloading them from the Pacific Alliance’s web platform.

This study is in line with the priority actions and goals set out in the Roadmap for the autonomy and economic empowerment of women in the Alliance and its implementation plan, as well as the Presidential Declaration of the Pacific Alliance on Gender Equality and the Declaration of Bahía Málaga, in which the GTG was instructed to implement an action plan to promote greater participation of companies led by women in productive chains, with special emphasis on rural women’s entrepreneurship.

It is worth noting that this diagnosis will serve as a basis, together with the results obtained at the First Ministerial Meeting for the Autonomy and Economic Empowerment of Women held in 2022, for the formulation and consolidation of a strategy that meets the mandate of the Declaration of Bahía Málaga and promotes greater participation of rural women’s entrepreneurship in the value chains of the Pacific Alliance.