Fifth and last forum of the PA-EFE Program: Capitalization Forum – Celebration of results and impacts, exchange of good practices and looks to the future

January 24, 2023.-  On January 24, 25 and 26, the fifth and last thematic forum of the PA-EFE Program will take place, the “Capitalization Forum: Celebration of results and impacts, exchange of good practices and looks to the future”, which will bring together some 150 people from the four countries of the Pacific Alliance and Canada, in Mexico City.

This three-day forum will give all the partners and allies of the Program the opportunity to reflect together and share the innovation experiences, approaches and tools developed in the Program’s projects, during the last seven years; make visible the impact of the PA-EFE in the region and promote the sustainability of the achievements and good practices of the Program.

The topics of the Forum will be developed focusing on the four axes established in the methodological proposal for the capitalization of the Program: Collaboration and harmonization in the PA region; Access and valorization of TVET; TVET Quality; and Services to companies and the community. As well as the cross-cutting issues of the Program: Gender Equality and Inclusion and Environmental Sustainability.

Denise Amyot, President and CEO of CiCAN

“We are delighted to bring together in Mexico City, in person and virtually, all the partners of the PA-EFE Program, our partners from the PA countries, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, and all our members from Canada that participated in the institutional alliances of the Program, for this last Program Capitalization Forum, which will be a key opportunity to celebrate the results and impacts of this seven-year Program (2016-2023) and share good practices and innovation experiences, that will allow the formulation of recommendations for the sustainability and continuity of the activities initiated or strengthened by the Program. I am proud of the results and impacts of this Program, thanks to the valuable, excellent collaboration and participation of all the partners”.

The National Coordination of Mexico recognizes and values ​​the work that has been carried out over seven years of joint collaboration CICan – Pacific Alliance, a space that has made it possible to increase socioeconomic opportunities for women and men, in a sustainable and inclusive extractive sector in PA countries, focusing its attention on the issues of education, gender, indigenous peoples and the environment. This collaboration has allowed the exchange of experiences for the formulation of public policies that contribute to the development and improvement of our societies.

Graeme C. Clark, Canadian Ambassador to Mexico

“Today’s forum is an opportunity to establish a valuable dialogue between the multiple parties involved to capitalize on the different projects that have been carried out within this initiative. Together we can positively contribute to the economic development and long-term prosperity of our countries, while ensuring equitable management of natural resources and taking into account the protection of the environment”.

The Forum will be held in a hybrid mode, that is, in person in Mexico City, and with open and free virtual access, for three days. The Forum’s methodology will be reflective, formative and participatory. Simultaneous interpretation services and opportunities to ask questions will be offered, both for the participants present and for those who follow the forum virtually.

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