Google Seminar – Cybersecurity sub-working group of the Pacific Alliance’s Council of Finance Ministers

October 20, 2022.- As part of the initiatives of the Cybersecurity Sub-Working Group of the Council of Finance Ministers of the Pacific Alliance, and with the collaboration of Google, a cybersecurity seminar took place addressing relevant issues regarding its ecosystem of services in the cloud, a topic that has become very relevant in different industries in recent years, particularly the financial one.

The issue of trust that must exist in organizations to migrate their workloads to a cloud provider, and transparency to organizations and their regulators about Google Cloud practices, was highlighted. In the cloud, the concept of trust is much larger than a triad of security, privacy, and compliance. And while many organizations recognize that cloud providers can invest more in resiliency and security, build strong defenses, and offer powerful tools to ease aspects of compliance, the decision to move applications or data to the cloud ultimately comes down to trust. A cloud provider will store, process, and manage your data according to each organization’s preferences, ultimately being able to maintain control of data on infrastructure that you don’t own or manage.