IV Pacific Alliance International Cooperation Forum

August 30, 2022.- Today the IV Pacific Alliance Cooperation Forum was inaugurated in order to create a space for dialogue, exchange of knowledge and experiences between the regional bloc, its Observer States and other partners, to promote and stimulate international technical cooperation, the Pacific Alliance Strategic Vision to the year 2030 and social and economic recovery with an emphasis on youth.

The Cooperation Forum is one of the main means of collaboration between the Pacific Alliance and its Observer States, which, year after year, seeks to strengthen cooperation ties with the international community.

This year’s meeting, held in a virtual format in two sessions, is organized into dialogue tables that will address issues such as disaster risk management: i) good practices for strengthening capacities in seismic risk including tsunamis, and its impact on the society; ii) technical assistance and good practices for sustainable production and better use of fertilizers; environment: sustainable management of plastics; gender; and economic recovery with a focus on youth and tourism (theme of the PA 2022 Cooperation Fund).

The IV PA Cooperation Forum was attended by more than 350 people from 36 Observer States, with Korea as a special guest who made presentations in three of the panels, thus being the Cooperation Forum with the greatest response in the history of the Pacific Alliance.

As part of its objectives, it seeks to invite Observer States to collaborate on the topics and projects presented by the Technical Groups, Committees, Subcommittees and Working Groups in the 2022 call for the PA Cooperation Fund, as well as follow up on the offers of cooperation carried out by Observer States during past versions of the Forum.

It is expected that after the IV PA Cooperation Forum, the Observer States contribute with resources, human or financial, to the projects that are of mutual interest, which contribute to strengthening the capacities of the Pacific Alliance.