Launch of the ‘Analysis Report on policies and good practices of gender equality in the countries of the Pacific Alliance’

July 6, 2022.- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Mexico was the venue for the presentation of the ‘Analysis Report on policies and good practices of gender equality in the countries of the Pacific Alliance’ of the Education for Employment Program for sustainable development and skills for employment in the extractive sector of the Pacific Alliance (AP) which is financed by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada and executed by the College and Institutes Canada (CICan).

This report is the product of the teamwork between the four countries under the coordination of CICan to promote the gender equality strategy. This document collects the experiences in the design and implementation of 29 policies and programs in the member countries of the Pacific Alliance. The systematization of the policies was done in two phases, documentary (29 policies) and participative (25 policies) and had the objective of identifying, together, policies and good practices that can be shared between the countries and institutions, as an input to the regional dialogue and knowledge of advances in gender equality.

One of the objectives of the preparation of the report is to disseminate good practices among the countries, with the possibility, beyond the program, of establishing relationships between specialists from public and private entities of the PA countries and promoting horizontal advice based on knowledge about the identified policies.

During both processes of documentary and participative systematization, representatives of the ministries or secretaries of Education, Mining, Energy, Women, Foreign Affairs, Economy were summoned; as well as Universities and other instances of the four countries of the PA.

The report includes the analysis of both phases, as well as recommendations for countries that seek to improve their processes, identify good practices, dialogue with their peers and learn about gender equality policies that are implemented in the 4 countries, promoting dialogue, sharing and learning together.

Read the report here