The business roundtable is part of the activities of the Leading Women Entrepreneurs Forum

34 women exporters and 28 buyers that includes invitees from Canada, United States, Taiwan, Panama and Germany participate.

The Peru Export and Tourism Promotion Board – PROMPERÚ informed that as part of the Pacific Alliance Leading Women Entrepreneurs Forum, a business roundtable between 34 women-led exporting companies and 28 buyers will take place for the first time on the 29th of November.

This forum is organized by the governments of the countries of the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru) through their promotion agencies (ProChile, ProColombia, ProMéxico and PROMPERÚ) to strengthen capabilities and foster women’s empowerment and financial independence.

From the total of exporting companies that will take part in this roundtable, the majority come from Peru (15), followed by Mexico (8), Chile (7) and Colombia (4). Buyers come mainly from Chile (12), followed by Colombia, Peru and Mexico, in addition to invited importers from Canada, United States, Taiwan, Panama and Germany.

For this roundtable, more than 200 business encounters are expected with deals from different sectors: fresh, processed, organic and gourmet foods; babies and children clothing; cotton garments; costume jewelry, jewelry and gift and decorative items.

Standing out among the Peruvian products that will be offered are the maca (Peruvian ginseng), quinoa, chia, beverages prepared from superfoods, Andean grains, organic chocolate, berries, mango, coffee, and craftwork.

Products from the rest of the countries of the Pacific Alliance will include swimwear, underwear, coffee, avocado and its derivatives, chia oil, craftwork, spicy sauces, limes, dry fruit and mango.

It is worth mentioning that the forum will hold five workshops for women entrepreneurs on topics related to women’s leadership, entrepreneurship and others.

One of these workshops will be led by the Pacific Alliance Technical Group on Gender, providing information on how gender issues are being approached by the Alliance, among other subjects.

The Pacific Alliance Leading Women Entrepreneurs Forum is scheduled for 28-29 November and includes panels and workshops featuring prominent authorities, specialists, women entrepreneurs and representatives of the academic world from the member countries of the bloc.

Download HERE the Official Program for the second Pacific Alliance Leading Women Entrepreneurs Forum.

Lima, November 28, 2016.