Pacific Alliance presents the short film series Juventudes: miradas diversas (Youth: Diverse Perspectives)

  • From November 20 to December 20, 2023, through an exhibition of four (4) short films on youth and the processes involved in this stage will be shown.

  • Through this activity, the result of international cooperation between Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, short films will be presented free of charge to the Latin American public, who will be able to approach this interesting audiovisual proposal about four young people and the challenges they face in their transition to adulthood.

From November 20 to December 20, 2023, the Technical Group on Culture of the Pacific Alliance, made up of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, will present the short film series: Youth: Diverse Perspectives, which can be viewed on the Retina Latina platform

The cycle of short films will present four (4) audiovisual pieces: Ser Eclipse (Chile, 2022), María Salvaje (Colombia, 2022), Boca Punk (Mexico, 2021) and Untitled (Peru, 2018), which narrate from different perspectives the passage through youth and the feelings and questions that emerge at this stage of life before each challenge and opportunity that arises.

This initiative is part of the promotion and integration strategy of the work plan defined by the Technical Group on Culture of the Pacific Alliance for 2023, and seeks to strengthen a space of fraternity that allows to appreciate the cinematographic wealth of each country, and how this medium can contribute and show the reality of many young people in our countries.

The film showcase can be seen free of charge through, a digital platform for international cooperation to watch Latin American cinema, of public character and free access for the citizens of Latin America and the Caribbean. These audiovisual pieces will be available on its app for iOS and Android.

As part of this cycle, on Thursday, December 14, a conversation will be held with the four (4) directors of the short films with the aim of exploring the creative thread around these productions, as well as establishing a space for dialogue on Latin American cinematography.

About the short films

The short films will be available at until December 20, 2023.

  • Ser Eclipse (Chile, 2022). Synopsis: In the south of Chile, Nicolas, a young man trapped by his darkness is left alone at home when his sister Isabel leaves to go to the city. Nicolas must once again face his addiction to video games. As he hits rock bottom and faces his shadows, Isabel takes him to Luz Clara, a medicine woman who guides him in a healing ritual. After a profound journey of connection with the four elements and a solar eclipse, Nicolás manages to take a step towards the light of his being.

  • María Salvaje (Colombia, 2022). Synopsis: For eight years, the camera follows the transition from childhood to adolescence of María, a little girl from the Amorúa community in Puerto Carreño. The granddaughter of nomads who wandered for centuries on the plains of Vichada, the girl is transformed into a woman in front of our eyes in the midst of the world of the “rationals”. Maria thus lives in the interstice between two worlds bordering the banks of the Orinoco: the “whites” and the Amorúa. Far from moral judgment, this uncomfortable portrait engages with the ambiguities of her character and raises pressing questions about the future of María and so many other young indigenous people facing a world that does not seem to offer them a place.

  • Boca Punk (Mexico, 2021). Synopsis: After not being picked up by her mom from her tennis class, Carmen, a quiet and introverted 15-year-old girl, finds herself walking home alone in fear, when she suddenly runs into a punk entity who will show her a new world where she can finally be accepted as she is.

  • Untitled (Peru, 2018). Synopsis: Enrique is a 16-year-old boxer who lives with his grandmother. When his estranged father decides to go to live in another city, he will take away the little support given to him. In this process, he will become aware of the harsh reality he has to live, but he will continue to fight for his dreams.

One of the objectives of the Technical Group on Culture of the Pacific Alliance is to promote the development of the cultural and creative industries of the member countries, based on the international projection of the identity and diversity of its member countries.

Activity within the framework of the short film series

Conversation with the directors

With the participation of directors Vicente Manzano (Chile), Liliana Matsuyama (Colombia), Thelma Ruiz (Mexico), and Hans Matos (Peru).

Thursday, December 14, 2023
14:00 h. Mexico

15:00 h. Peru and Colombia

17:00 h. Chile

Zoom platform:

Meeting ID: 896 7044 1751

Passcode: 749813