Pacific Alliance strengthens cooperation ties with Japan through the Together Program

February 9, 2023.- Within the framework of cooperation relations between the Pacific Alliance and Japan, nineteen young diplomats and government officials from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru visited Japan as part of the Together Program.

As part of this activity, the PA representatives visited the Japanese Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Shunsuke Takei, who welcomed their participation and affirmed that the Pacific Alliance is an important ally, as well as a partner to work and grow together with within the framework of relations of cooperation and friendship.

Minister Takei also pointed out that this edition of the Together Program provides his country with the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience in disaster prevention and mitigation issues, as well as initiatives that use ICTs.

For their part, representatives of the delegations expressed their gratitude for this invitation and highlighted the relevant points on what was learned through the program.

It was also highlighted that this kind of activity allows to strengthen further the relationship between Japan and the Pacific Alliance, as well as the possibility of future cooperation with this integration mechanism.

Japan joined the Pacific Alliance as an Observer State in January 2013.