Presence of the Pacific Alliance countries in SIAL 2022

October 19, 2022.- The Pacific Alliance countries have a strong presence at the Global Food Marketplace (Salon International de l’alimentation, SIAL), the world’s largest French professional fair in the innovation of the food processing industry. SIAL visitors will have access to the best products of the Pacific Alliance, the result of best practices in the agri-food sector.


The Chilean food industry arrives strongly at the new edition of SIAL to reaffirm its commitments and defend its position on the international stage. Chile, the world’s leading exporter of products such as plums, dehydrated apples, walnuts and salmon, presents its progress and ambitions for the sustainable transformation of its food sector.

By highlighting a selection of exclusive products obtained from production that respects the environment, Chile wants to make its plot of land known and demonstrate that responsible consumption can also include products from the most remote places on the planet. With 33 companies distributed in 3 pavilions and covering 614 square meters, Chile will be present with a variety of products of origin, gourmet, delicatessen, dried and dehydrated fruits and meat products.


At SIAL 2022, Colombia presents 11 companies of nuts, vegetable flours, processed fruits, IQF frozen avocado, beverages, healthy snacks and meats in its two pavilions. Colombia is recognized as a supplier by being the world’s leading producer and exporter of mild coffee, the world’s second largest producer of avocado (including all varieties), and the world’s leading exporter of fresh tilapia. Also, the country has more than 400 varieties of fruit. Colombia is called to be one of the world’s food pantries, according to the FAO.

The agro-industrial sector represents 51% of Colombian non-mining-energy exports to the world. Europe is positioned as the second destination for these exports, which are concentrated mainly in the following sectors: green coffee, fresh flowers, bananas, palm oil, coffee derivatives and fresh fruits. Additionally, in Colombia, producers and exporters are committed to sustainability, betting on certifications such as Rainforest Alliance, Global G.A.P., Fairtrade, Organic, Fair for Life, among others.


The Mexican agri-food industry, committed to sustainable production practices, is present at SIAL with 44 companies, present in the gourmet, fruit and vegetable, beverage and organic products sector. World agri-food leader in beer, avocado, tequila, tomato, cookies, asparagus and squash, and the third country with the largest number of certified organic producers, Mexico is synonymous with quality, authenticity and innovation.

Mexico is the 11th largest agricultural producer in the world and the seventh largest exporter of agricultural products thanks to its extensive network of trade agreements and high sanitary standards. Mexico presents top quality products at SIAL, such as flour and vegetable oils, healthy snacks, agave insulin, tequila, alcoholic beverages, meat products (chilorio, machaca), citrus derivatives, vanilla, sauces, chia, 100% virgin avocado oil, natural sweeteners, honey, grains, among others.


At SIAL 2022, Peru celebrates its position as the 9th world supplier of fruit and among the largest in the world of healthy foods such as quinoa and blueberries, products in which Peru leads world exports. In this edition, Peru will show its novelties and the best of its exportable offer through the 39 co-exhibitor companies, in a total of 473 m2 distributed in the fine food and frozen pavilions.

Andean grains stand out, such as quinoa, kiwicha, chia, beans, dehydrated products based on mango, ginger, aguaymanto; SUPERFOODS products such as maca, camu camu, sacha inchi, purple corn, turmeric, cocoa powder and nibs, lucuma as well as a range of fruit and frozen juice products made from asparagus, avocado, mango, strawberries, pomegranate, pineapples, pitahaya, among others. Peru is the world’s leading exporter of blueberries, quinoa, asparagus, and organic and fair trade coffee.