Public-Private Dialogue: Public-Private Roadmap for the Development ofMSMEs and Entrepreneurship in the Pacific Alliance

9 November 2023.- Within the framework of the II Meeting of the SME Exporter of the Pacific Alliance (PA), which took place on November 9 and 10, in the city of Lima, Peru, the Public-Private Dialogue was held in relation to the proposal of the Public-Private Roadmap, which is currently being developed by the PA SME and Entrepreneurship Technical Group, with a view to promoting the growth, development and competitiveness of the business activity of MSMEs in the economies of the member countries of the Pacific Alliance.

The Dialogue aimed to establish a shared understanding of the challenges faced by MSMEs and entrepreneurship in the four countries and how the public and private sector can jointly address them; the promotion of cooperation between the public sector, businesses and other stakeholders to implement effective measures in support of MSMEs and Entrepreneurship; analyzing the impact of previous policies and programs related to MSMEs and Entrepreneurship, and determining what has worked and what needs to be improved; and promoting transparency in the decision-making process with all stakeholders.

This activity was led by the Pacific Alliance SME and Entrepreneurship Technical Group, with the participation of international organizations, including the IDB, OECD and ECLAC, representatives of micro, small and medium-sized companies, representatives of cooperatives and trade associations, and representatives of the PA Business Council (CEAP).

It should be noted that this type of dialogue is essential to facilitate collaboration with a view to establishing shared objectives and joint work strategies to address challenges more effectively.