With the aim of expanding the opportunities to develop skills and competencies in order to improve youth employment and foster a space for expression for the young in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, the latter held the First Youth Meeting of the Pacific Alliance (PA).

The meeting, organized by the PA and Nestlé, brought together top level representatives from the Ministries of Labor and Education of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, as well as the State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation of the Swiss government, Mauro Dell’Ambrogio, business leaders and delegations of young entrepreneurs and students from the four member countries.

During the meeting the participants had the opportunity to share their experiences, framed by the reality of each of their countries, discussing achievements, progress, difficulties and processes for success in a globalized and endlessly changing world.

Ideas were also exchanged during the event among young people from the four countries, on how to promote employment and entrepreneurship. The topics of discussion included the benefits of a dual professional education to bridge the gap between the skills learned in academia and the demands of the workplace.

More information at ➤ http://bit.ly/1U7eW82

Lima, May 24, 2016