The event “The Creative Economy Recovery: Audiovisual Industries” of the Pacific Alliance was held in México

September 30, 2022.- In Mazatlan, Mexico, was held the event “The Creative Economy Recovery: Audiovisual Industries” of the Pacific Alliance (AP) that raised the importance of creative industries and their challenges.

The event took place in a hybrid format and was inaugurated by the Mexican Secretary of Economy, Tatiana Clouthier Carrillo, as president pro tempore of the mechanism.

Subsequently, the event featured an entrepreneurs panel, a Master Conference, and three round tables with high-level keynote speakers, with participants from the public and private sectors bringing their expertise in the field.

Finally, four short films, one for each country of the Pacific Alliance, were screened, reflecting the cultural diversity of our mechanism, and highlighting the creative industries’ talented actors.

On January 26, 2022, within the Buenaventura Summit, presidents of Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru signed the PACIFIC ALLIANCE PRESIDENTIAL STATEMENT ON THE STRENGTHENING OF THE CREATIVE ECONOMY. In that sense, the event answers the Pacific Alliance’s efforts to implement the Statement.

Creative industries are a source of wealth since they represent 3.1% of world GDP and 6.2% of total employment.

Within the Pacific Alliance, we recognize the creative industries take part in the engine for a sustainable economy and development of our populations.

Likewise, the Pacific Alliance is aware of the adverse effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on this sector. Within the PA, creative and cultural dynamics are driven by micro, small and medium-sized companies. Consequently, this sector has faced the greatest trade challenges.

Thus, as stipulated in the Creative Economy Statement, our regional mechanism will continue to deepen the articulation and networking processes between the creative industry and other economic sectors. This last will make it possible to promote added value in products and increase cultural and creative services exports.