The Pacific Alliance extend the invitation to a virtual seminar “Competences to take advantage of the digital space at school: communication, collaboration and learning support”

In the activity, which will be broadcast free of charge and open on Thursday, November 24, aspects and skills that are essential for professional teacher development in an increasingly digitized society will be addressed.

November 15, 2022.- After the pandemic and the closure of educational institutions, teachers had to learn to use digital tools to teach their classes remotely, which contributed to accelerating the technological transformation of society. However, this emergency situation was not necessarily accompanied by professional development that would prepare teachers to use these tools with a pedagogical sense that, in addition to ensuring learning, would ensure an inclusive education.

Aware of the importance of closing this digital gap -which already existed but which worsened with the arrival of COVID-19-, this year the Pacific Alliance created the PA Digital Teaching Network, a platform implemented by Fundación Chile that offers free online courses of high quality to generate capacities of pedagogical use in digital technological tools in teachers and management teams of educational institutions that work at the elemental or primary school level in Chile, Colombia, Mexico or Peru.

On Thursday, November 24, the third virtual seminar organized by this initiative will be held, where the more than 3,000 teachers who have been trained on this platform will be able to participate, but also all those who are interested in learning more about these topics. The activity, entitled “Competences to take advantage of the digital space at school: communication, collaboration and learning support”, will take place at 12:00 p.m. in Mexico; at 1:00 p.m. in Colombia and Peru and at 3:00 p.m. in Chile.

The speaker will be Mariana Maggio, an academic in Education and Technology from the National University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and Director of the Master’s and Specialization in Educational Technology course at the same university. Maggio is also a renowned writer and is the author of the books “Education in a pandemic” (2021), “Reinventing the class at the university” (2018) and “Enriching teaching” (2012).

To participate in the virtual seminar, people who are interested must create a profile on the platform. Then, access the program’s webinar platform and enter your email to confirm your participation in the seminar. The day before the activity they will receive a personalized email with the access address to the seminar.

Those who wish to learn more about the initiative and the training programs can access the Learning for the Future podcast “PA Digital Teaching Network: an alliance to strengthen digital teaching skills”.