The Pacific Alliance Investment Portfolio is updated

The Promotion Agencies Technical Group of the Pacific Alliance ProChile, ProColombia, the Ministry of Economy of Mexico and PromPerú updated the Pacific Alliance Infrastructure Investment Opportunities Portfolio. This version, in addition to the already 15 interesting infrastructure projects with investment possibilities, has strategic information for investors, such as trade figures, investment, economic growth, population, and reasons why the Pacific Alliance block is an attractive destination to investors. The projects are from the following subsectors:

  • Roads
  • Water and sanitation
  • Railway
  • Fluvial
  • Ports

For the second year, this initiative will be disseminated through two face-to-face Investment Seminars in Japan and Canada, and a virtual Investment Roundtable in China. The objective is to disseminate information on the advantages for investment as well as promote the 15 most important infrastructure projects in the block.

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