The Pacific Alliance is strengthened during the XXVI Meeting of the Pacific Alliance Council of Ministers

October 20, 2022.- The pro tempore presidency of Mexico before the Pacific Alliance held the XXVI Meeting of the Council of Ministers, made up of the ministers of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, with a view to the XVII Summit of the mechanism.

As part of the meeting, the issues of process of accession of Costa Rica and Ecuador were taken up again, during which the members of the mechanism agreed to establish preparatory working groups for the incorporation of these countries as soon as possible into the mechanism. At this juncture, the Council of Ministers received the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica, Arnoldo André Tinoco, as well as Juan Carlos Holguín, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Julio José Prado, Minister of Production, Foreign Trade, Investments and Fisheries of Ecuador to share their request to join the Pacific Alliance as Member States with full rights.

As part of the resolutions adopted, the requests of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Malta as Observer States of the mechanism were unanimously accepted.

Finally, the logistical and substantive aspects of the XVII Summit of the Pacific Alliance that Mexico will host in its capacity as pro tempore presidency, in Oaxaca, Mexico, on November 25, were reviewed.

The Pacific Alliance represents 42.9% of the Gross Domestic Product and 45% of the foreign direct investment flows received in Latin America and the Caribbean.