The Public Procurement Observatory of the Pacific Alliance was officially launched

  • It is an electronic platform that seeks to promote the participation of the business, academic and civil society sectors, in order to share relevant information on public procurement, with a view to eliminating barriers to trade and interacting on issues related to said matter in the Pacific Alliance.

December 4, 2023.- This Monday the official launch of the Public Procurement Observatory of the Pacific Alliance (PA), created by the Public Procurement Committee of the PA, took place. Its objective is to generate relevant knowledge, through data collection, carry out analysis, studies or diagnoses and other required actions on specific topics linked to public procurement, which are of interest to the private sector, academia and civil society. This is with the purpose that said knowledge will later serve to contribute to the Committee’s discussions aimed at eliminating trade barriers in public purchases of the PA.

Additionally, through the Observatory we seek to generate greater interaction with the business and academic sectors, with civil society and with the relevant institutions, through the publication of the knowledge generated on the Observatory’s web platform, and the subsequent publication of the aforementioned knowledge. The above, with the purpose of promoting a space for greater reflection on the topics studied by the Observatory.

In this tool, the public from the aforementioned sectors will be able to find information about topics aimed at eliminating barriers and limitations in Public Procurement markets, such as the implementation of trade agreements in this matter, the behavior of public procurement systems, sustainable public purchases, among others.

They will also be able to access a series of documents on the discipline of public procurement, such as studies, statistics, articles whether prepared by the Public Procurement Committee or by invited collaborators; as well as access public procurement news from PA members, and upcoming Public Procurement events in the PA in which they can participate and provide their comments and input.

You can access the Public Procurement Observatory at: