The workshop on ‘Design, implementation and monitoring of environmental public policies within the EFE-PA Program, aimed at personnel from the Colombian public sector was accomplished

September 29 and 30, 2022.- As part of the Program for sustainable development and skills for employment in the extractive sector of (PA- EFE) in the Pacific Alliance, financed by the Government of Canada (Global Affairs Canada) and executed by Colleges and Institutes Canada, the Canadian Association of Technological Institutes, it was developed a workshop at the Hotel Tequendama in Bogotá, on the ‘Design, implementation and monitoring of environmental public policies’.

“We are very pleased to offer this course that will support the development of skills in the design of environmental public policies to improve their implementation and monitoring process. Likewise, this will be an important tool for the teams in charge of the design, development and monitoring of sectoral policies in the ministries of the four PA countries that seek to contribute to the strengthening of regional dialogue,” said Brigid Shea, Principal Agent of the PA-EFE Program, at CICan.

This course benefited 31 representatives from 10 different public sector ministries such as: Environment, Mines and Energy, Education, Social Prosperity, Labor, Agriculture and Rural Development, National Defense, Transport and the National Department of Planning.

This activity is one of the last actions scheduled within the framework of the Program and its purpose is to develop skills in the officials in charge of the environmental issues, in order to qualify their work through the mainstreaming of the environmental sustainability and achieve one more of the objectives of the environmental strategy of the PA-EFE Program, also contributing to the work on environmental sustainability of the Pacific Alliance.

Through this workshop, one of the indicators of the Performance Measurement Table of the Program is fulfilled, related to the strengthening of policies and guidelines implemented through it, which include the environmental sustainability. 

The course was facilitated by the environmental specialist from Mexico Zaira Romo, in coordination with Israel Ávila, regional environmental consultant for the PA-EFE- Program. At the end of the event, CICan granted a certificate of completion of the 16 hours of training, which recognizes the skills developed by each participant:

  • Ability to understand basic terms about environmental public policy;

  • Knowledge of strategic tools in the design and formulation of public policies for environmental sustainability.

  • Integrate knowledge and resources of environmental public policy analysis that allows you to improve your performance as personnel responsible for the public function.

  • Knowledge in the cycles of design, implementation and monitoring of environmental policies.

  • Knowledge of tools for the mainstreaming of the environmental sustainability in public policies.

This workshop will be carried out in Chile, Mexico and Peru and will also be aimed at officials from the partner ministries with which the PA-EFE Program works.