Today begins the call for Business Matchmaking Forums in Asia and Europe

September 19, 2022.- The sectors for the Business Matchmaking Forum in Europe are agrifood and beverages, consumer goods such as textiles and footwear, wooden articles and fine pearls. In addition, in this round, priority will be given to exporting companies owned or led by a woman.

As for the Business Matchmaking Forum in Asia, it will focus on the agrifood and beverage sectors and manufacturing in general, such as mechanical and electrical devices and plastics.

In the Pacific Alliance we have the mission of promoting the inclusion of micro, small and medium-sized companies to export processes in international commercial activities. For this reason, in each of the business roundtables, of the total places, 60% are reserved for SMEs.



Registrations September 19 to October 14

Validation and confirmation of companies October 3 to 14

Business Appointment Scheduling – Europe October 3 to 14

Business Appointment Scheduling – Asia October 3 to 19

Academic Agenda October 11 and 12

Europe Business Matchmaking Forum October 17 to 21

Asian Business Matchmaking Forum October 24 to 28

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