The Pacific Alliance Tourism e-Macro-Round concluded with business expectations exceeding US$ 6.7 million, thanks to the agreements reached by 189 participating companies that, during four days, completed more than a thousand business appointments and attended the academic activities programmed within the framework of the virtual event’s agenda.

October 13th, 2020. The VI Macro-Round of Tourism of the Pacific Alliance successfully ended on October 8th, after being held for the first time in a virtual format. This event marked the beginning of the reactivation of the tourism industry at a regional level, by bringing together 189 emissive and receptive companies of the region during four days, in 1,033 meetings that provided an ideal scenario for the generation and development of business with an expectation of US$ 6.7 million in total, of which US$ 1.2 million correspond to multi-destination sales.

In the e-Macro-Round of Tourism, led by the National Tourism Service of Chile (Sernatur), the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico, PROCOLOMBIA and PROMPERÚ, 14 emissive companies from Argentina and 12 from Brazil -invited countries-, 15 emissive companies and 22 receptive companies from Chile; 14 emissive and 29 receptive companies from Colombia; 15 emissive and 26 receptive companies from Mexico and 14 emissive and 28 receptive companies from Peru, met to exchange relevant information and news on their tourism offer and to agree on possible business scenarios in the medium and long term. The Chilean Undersecretary of Tourism, José Luis Uriarte, described this meeting as a “Great teamwork in the Macro-Round of Tourism of the Pacific Alliance that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the recovery of the industry. Chile, which holds the pro tempore presidency of the PA, reiterates its firm commitment to the reactivation of the sector in the region”.

“These four days of the Macro-Round of Tourism of the Pacific Alliance were very beneficial for the tourism sector of the region, not only because of the magnificent business expectations it leaves, which for Colombia amount to US$ 2.3 million, but also because of the high number of commercial appointments that were made and the importance that this type of meeting has for the exchange of knowledge between countries and to strengthen ties. I am sure that, working hand in hand, we will move our region forward and even more so when we come together through such successful events as this one,” commented the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia, José Manuel Restrepo.

For the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marques, “Today more than ever, these are times of innovation and therefore, these are times to create and to dream of a better tourism. With initiatives like this virtual Macro-Round we will make innovation our flag, and we will promote it as a key strategy for competitiveness, development and growth of this exciting activity, which is tourism,” says Miguel Torruco Marques, Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico.

“The success of the Tourism Macro-Round, organized for the first time in a virtual way and in the midst of a pandemic, is the result of the commitment assumed by the members of the Pacific Alliance in order to reactivate regional tourism. But this does not stop here. Together, as a block, we will continue working on various innovative and strategic actions to promote the recovery of the companies dedicated to the sector and that form its value chain. Let’s see this crisis as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and return with strength, with the task of taking forward the tourism of our countries,” says the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru, Rocio Barrios.

It is worth highlighting the impulse and hope that the regional industry receives, on the occasion of this VI Macro-Round of Tourism of the Pacific Alliance, after the aftermath left by the pandemic in most of the companies and businesses of the sector. In this sense, the Pacific Alliance foresees the development of additional innovative actions, aimed at supporting the tourism industry of the countries of the bloc, as well as third markets.

This is how the Pacific Alliance consolidates its commitment to tourism and the joint work in the development of actions and strategies that allow the good development of the economy of the member countries and allied markets of the Pacific Alliance.