Marketing and Communications Network participates in first strategic marketing training session given by Canada

In order to develop skills for the implementation of a strategic marketing plan for a technical and professional education and training awareness campaign that will benefit the Pacific Alliance, Canadian partners will provide a series of 6-8 training sessions for members of the Marketing and Communications Network.

The first module, which took place on April 26 and 28, focused on developing research skills that will help participants to:

  1. Collect and evaluate social data to build effective profiles of their identity, that of their customers and influencers.

  2. Assess public perception of their brand identity.

  3. Make recommendations that clarify their internal and external brand identity from the data collected.

  4. Create effective cultural and social identities that reflect linguistic frameworks for communication design based on the social constructs of the target markets (clear psychographic profiles).

  5. Assess the current media landscape to determine the most effective communication tools to reach a target audience.

  6. Access the resources of traditional research tools.

These sessions are also an opportunity to share experiences, learnings, best practices and possibly resources across networks. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the training modules.

This training program responds to the needs and objectives set out in the Terms of Reference of the Pacific Alliance Education for Employment Program, developed by the Technical Group of Education, and is funded by the Government of Canada.