National Consultation Process on Climate MRV Priorities

September 25, 2020. In order to discuss national priorities, optimize resources and develop future work, the SGT-MRV coordination is promoting a consultation process in each country of the Pacific Alliance to discuss and define immediate needs for climate MRV systems. The consultation proposes convening various MRV actors who will be invited by the national focal points of the SGT-MRV.

The expected result of these national consultations is an update to the Coordination Framework that guides the work of the SGT-MRV, establishing specific objectives, activities and products in key areas, particularly in relation to mitigation actions, GHG and SLCP emissions inventories and monitoring and reporting of climate finance.

The work to reinforce institutional arrangements and strengthen domestic technical capacities related to climate MRV systems has been envisioned as a dynamic process within the SGT-MRV, understanding that MRV systems constitute a key tool for the design and implementation of effective climate policies.