Lima, Peru, March 10th, 2020 – Today, at the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru, the signing of the Agreement for the creation of a voluntary registration of Engineering professionals from the countries of the Pacific Alliance took place.

This Agreement will allow the visibility of the Pacific Alliance Engineers at regional level, facilitating liaison with companies from other Alliance countries and generating for the four countries greater opportunities in this area, future production chains and increased commercial exchange.

This Agreement was agreed upon by nine participants: the College of Engineers of Chile, the National Professional Council of Engineering of Colombia; the National Professional Council of Electrical, Mechanical and Related Professions of Colombia; the Professional Council of Transport and Roads Engineering of the Republic of Colombia; the Professional Council of Chemical Engineering of Colombia; the Professional Council of Naval Engineering of Colombia; the Mexican Committee for the International Practice of Engineering in Mexico; the Technical Advisory Commission of Engineering of Mexico; and the College of Engineers of Peru.

An Engineering professional who meets the established criteria and requirements may belong to a voluntary registry that will give him/her greater visibility, prestige and reliability when working in other countries of the Alliance.

Alejandro Buvinic, National Coordinator of Chile said that this Agreement “represents a boost for the deepening of a better trade in professional Engineering services within the Alliance. We are enthusiastic that the Colleges and Professional Engineering Councils of Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico have been able to sign this agreement, which will also bring immediate results.