The Pacific Alliance strengthened its international promotion strategy by including crosswise components such as gender, greater participation of MSMEs and market diversification

  • Within the framework of the pro tempore presidency of Mexico under the leadership of the Ministry of Economy of Mexico and in conjunction with ProChile, ProColombia and PromPerú; the Promotion Agencies Technical Group developed commercial and investment activities that impacted more than 300 exporting companies.

January 4, 2023.-  The 2022 joint work plan positively impacted trade relations between the countries that make up the Pacific Alliance and the bloc’s exporters with purchasing companies from prioritized third-party markets. The coordination of the Promotion Agencies Technical Group (GTAP) was characterized by continuing to include new strategic markets, promoting the participation of more Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and mainstreaming the gender approach in the various promotional joint activities. This through the incorporation of more women entrepreneurs in trade and investment promotion activities.

The joint promotion plan began in January with the “First Networking of Public Procurement Suppliers”. The objective of the activity was to strengthen the Alliance’s state contracting system and consolidate commercial relations between the companies of the bloc through an academic session and business meetings. Due to the forementioned, more than 70 companies of the Pacific Alliance were impacted.

At the end of March, the second activity of the year called “Program of Income Potentiality to China Marketplaces” was carried out, which had the purpose of providing 21 selected companies from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru with a diagnosis for their incursion into the channel of e-commerce in China.

In April, within the framework of the celebration of the eleventh anniversary of the Alliance, the first “Craft Fair of the Pacific Alliance” took place, which purpose was the promotion of the creative economy of the four countries. It consisted of a physical exhibition with handmade products from 21 Alliance companies and a virtual showroom. For the latter, 150 craft products from 54 companies in the block were promoted, reaching 19,000 visits and 118,000 impressions.

At the end of July and beginning of August, the ” X Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum of the Pacific Alliance LAB4+” was held. The purpose of this activity was to join efforts to promote and strengthen entrepreneurship, innovation and trade in services in the countries of the bloc. The Forum represented a meeting point for 104 entrepreneurs and exporters from the Pacific Alliance countries who had the opportunity to present, through 200 business meetings, projects or exportable offers to more than 37 investors and buyers from eight markets ( Canada, Chile, Colombia, South Korea, the United States, Mexico, Peru and Singapore), which generated business expectations for 2 million 710 thousand 734 US dollars and an estimated investment ticket of 7 million 400 thousand 598 US dollars (USD).

Between August and October, the ” X Business Macro-Round of the Pacific Alliance ” was held. An iconic event focused on promoting exports of goods from the four countries of the bloc to potential buyers from more than 27 markets. This important promotional activity consisted of three virtual business roundtables focused on the American, European and Asian markets. During the three rounds, more than 150 exporting companies from the Pacific Alliance participated, having the opportunity to make business appointments with 62 international buyers. The foregoing left business expectations to the business fabric of the block for more than 5 million 790 thousand US dollars. In this edition, the participation of MSMEs was promoted, establishing a 60% quota in the three business roundtables. A 30% quota for companies led by women was also contemplated, specifically for commercial activity in Europe.

Finally, the Promotion Agencies Technical Group developed the second edition of the “Pacific Alliance Infrastructure Investment Opportunities Portfolio “, which consisted of 15 projects in roads, water and sanitation subsectors; railways, fluvial and ports. The dissemination of the Portfolio was carried out through two actions:

First. Investment opportunity seminars were held in Japan and Canada (the one in Canada is scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2023). The seminar in Japan was held in November 2022 and more than 170 investment funds participated, as well as diplomatic personnel from the member countries of the Pacific Alliance and the Japanese business community. In that seminar they had the opportunity to hear first-hand the 15 infrastructure projects of the Alliance countries.

Second. In the first week of December, the “Virtual Investment Roundtable” was held for the first time, a commercial activity aimed at disseminating the Portfolio. In this space, the representatives of the infrastructure investment projects of the Alliance countries had the opportunity to meet with Chinese investors through one-on-one appointments with the intention of investing 7.84 billion US dollars.

The Promotion Agencies Technical Group reiterates its commitment to continue working together with the mission of promoting foreign trade and foreign investment in the region, as well as creating and developing strategies so that more Alliance companies obtain benefits and internationalize.