IX Business Macro-Round of the Pacific Alliance to focus on Canada, Europe, Asia and Oceania

Exporters from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru will meet with more than 180 buyers in search of suppliers and quality products, a hallmark of the bloc’s members.

The annual flagship activity of the Pacific Alliance trade in goods, the Business Macro-Round, which will be held virtually from August 12, was segmented this year into three phases, according to the demand for products sought by the member countries of the bloc and third markets.

First, there will be a business round table aimed at Asia and Oceania, which will prioritize the supply of agri-foods, since the Asian continent is fundamental for the global trade of these products, as stipulated in the “Agri-Outlook” report of the FAO and the OECD. It is also the world’s fastest recovering region after the recession caused by the global health situation.

In this initial meeting, commercial ties will be strengthened with Singapore, a country with which negotiations were recently concluded to become an Associate State of the Pacific Alliance.

The second phase will focus on Europe, where agri-foods and natural ingredients will prevail. It should be noted that this region is increasingly demanding natural products and foods produced under the parameters of trends accentuated by the pandemic and favorable to the exportable supply of the Pacific Alliance, as also indicated in the aforementioned FAO and OECD report.

The third stage will be aimed at the markets of the Pacific Alliance and Canada, a candidate country to become an Associated State of the bloc. This last part of the Macro-Round will have a multi-sectoral orientation that will help boost intra-regional trade and the diversification of Pacific Alliance exports.

The segmentation of the Business Macro-Round will allow its companies to know what products are in demand by the main allies of the bloc, and to take advantage of the benefits provided through lower tariffs, improved delivery times and trade facilitation.

“In its eight previous versions, the PA Macro-Round has generated export opportunities for more than US$914 million to entrepreneurs from the four member countries, expanding their business at regional level and towards international markets. This edition contributes to economic reactivation and job creation in the countries that make up the bloc. It is also an ideal opportunity to strengthen the export offer of companies from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru and, at the same time, strengthens trade links with allied countries of the mechanism,” said Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia and current president pro tempore of the Technical Group of Promotion Agencies.

LAB4+, the Pacific Alliance Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum that will connect more than 200 companies in the region

  • The event will seek to promote trade in services between groups of exporters, buyers, startups and investors.

  • In its eight editions, this meeting has generated export opportunities for more than US$ 65 million and investment opportunities for more than US$ 22 million.

As part of the iconic initiatives of the Pacific Alliance’s promotion entities, the IX Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum LAB4 + will be held between July 14 and 26, focusing on the promotion of trade in services and with the participation of entrepreneurs in FinTech, HealthTech, AgriTech, EdTech, internet of things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual and augmented reality and cybersecurity.

The purpose of LAB4+ is to promote the safe reactivation of the region’s economy through the generation of business opportunities for exporters and entrepreneurs in the bloc’s service sector.

The event also seeks to position the countries of the Pacific Alliance as hemispheric leaders in the promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation and the use of technologies of the fourth industrial revolution.

“Innovation has become a transversal axis for ProChile. In this sense, LAB4+ allows an additional possibility for startups and scaleups in our country to connect with the most important innovation ecosystems in Latin America, in search of alliances, business and new investments. LAB4+ takes place in a period of unprecedented digital acceleration, which has allowed many of them to scale globally,” said ProChile’s General Director, Jorge O’Ryan.

“This multilateral meeting promotes the participation of companies and investors from countries on four continents, which demonstrates the potential of the Pacific Alliance in terms of business. During the pro tempore presidency of Colombia, we have proposed to jointly promote our offer of services and the attraction of foreign investment,” said Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

In this regard, Monica Duhem Delgado, Head of the Global Economic Intelligence Unit of the Mexican Ministry of Economy highlighted that “the COVID19 pandemic has urged companies worldwide to rethink their business strategies and innovate, and LAB4+ has become the ideal space where the Pacific Alliance service companies demonstrate this potential. Mexico celebrates the opportunity that the companies of the bloc have in this edition to expand their opportunities beyond the North American region and to include other markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America. In the case of Mexico, the participation of MSMEs exporting services and startups was very high. We wish the greatest success and the closing of new business to all participating companies.”

“With the LAB4+ Forum we promote the development of an ecosystem within the group and the internationalization of a high value-added offer is enhanced. We hope that the 30 Peruvian SMEs of services with technological products that will participate, and all the attendees of the bloc, can access important opportunities for their business development and economic growth,” said the executive president of PromPerú, Amora Carbajal.

Agenda and participants

Participants in this version of LAB4+ come from priority markets such as Canada, the United States and Costa Rica, as well as Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, countries that make up the Pacific Alliance. For the first time in the history of this forum, investors from Europe and the United Arab Emirates will be invited to take advantage of their interest in the bloc’s markets.

The sessions, which will be held virtually, will be as follows:

  • Inauguration and academic agenda, from July 14-15.
  • Business roundtable, from July 21 to 23.
  • Pitch sessions, from July 21 to 26.

LAB4 + is the pioneer event in joint promotion activities in Latin America, including export and investment components focused solely on trade in services.

This is the third time that Colombia organizes the event, first held in 2013, and which is held annually, developed by the bloc’s promotion authorities: ProChile, ProColombia, the Mexican Ministry of Economy and PromPerú.

VIII version of LAB4+: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Meeting of the Pacific Alliance projects business for US$ 22 million

Challenges that the pandemic has installed in the region motivate startups and exporters from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru to offer more innovative and creative solutions.

The difficulties imposed by the pandemic on global trade have been taken as an opportunity for hundreds of Latin American startups to develop innovations and projects with greater creativity, allowing companies to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.

This was one of the conclusions of the eighth version of the Pacific Alliance Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum, LAB4+, organized by the bloc’s promotion entities (ProChile, ProColombia, the Mexican Ministry of Economy and Promperú), which was developed in a 100% digital format, with the participation of technology companies from the AgroTech, EduTech, FinTech and HealthTech sectors of the four countries that make up this bloc.

“Without a doubt, 2020 has been a tremendously challenging year. Both for our companies and startups, and for us as promotion entities, we have had to innovate in order to continue connecting them with the world. In this sense, the fact that there are projected businesses for US$ 22 million in LAB4+ speaks positively of the work done, as well as of the dynamism and interest generated by the innovation of service companies and startups in the region” explained the General Director of ProChile, Jorge O’Ryan.

Flavia Santoro, President of ProColombia, said that “this meeting gained greater importance due to the current circumstances and there we were able to demonstrate the steps that the bloc has taken in terms of entrepreneurship and innovation. We celebrate these results and we are going for more, with the aim of providing greater solutions to the pandemic and that our companies continue to grow in international business”.

Dr. Sergio Silva, Head of the Global Economic Intelligence Unit of the Mexican Ministry of Economy, commented that “There could not be a more appropriate activity to conclude a year characterized by the digital adaptation of companies and governments than LAB4+ with its business innovation component. The participation of Mexican companies and start ups was very outstanding, both in the call for papers and in the results of the Forum. We continue working so that MSMEs can find new financing and business opportunities in the regional bloc and in North America”.

For his part, the Executive President of PROMPERÚ, Luis Torres, highlighted the participation of Peruvian companies in LAB4+, which achieved the highest commercial projections in the bloc with almost US$ 10 million as a result of 77 appointments between the service business rounds and the round of investors with the startups, thus demonstrating the valuable contribution of the Pacific Alliance in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation among its member companies.

In this edition, 37 service exporting companies and 42 startups from the 4 countries participated. The latter also participated in mentoring days for two weeks to participate in pitch sessions with investors from Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, the United States and Canada.

The topics of entrepreneurship and innovation have become a key aspect in promoting internationally the exportable offer of each country and as a Technical Group, since the origins of the bloc, the development of an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation within the PA has been promoted. The focus is on enhancing the internationalization of an offer with high added value, disruptive, and with potential for scaling up.

This activity is key to the internationalization of startups and service companies from member countries, and the objective of this meeting is to strengthen and generate commercial ties between exporters and buyers of the productive chain of industries and services 4.0 and to promote the raising of capital among entrepreneurs and private investment funds.

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Exporting SMEs of the Pacific Alliance benefit from the e-Business Roundtable program and achieve immediate sales of US$ 6.4 million

In addition, US$98 million in business is projected for the coming months. Nearly 300 entrepreneurs from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru participated in the virtual meetings, thus ending the special support plan to replace face-to-face promotional activities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

October 8th, 2020. As announced last May, and as a way to seek new business opportunities for the Pacific Alliance entrepreneurs in the face of the health, humanitarian and commercial difficulties that the COVID-19 pandemic has generated, the bloc’s promotion entities -ProChile, ProColombia, the Mexican Ministry of Economy and PROMPERU- organized three virtual business roundtables with European, Latin American, Oceania and Asian buyers between June and September.

The e-Business roundtables started in June with importers from the United Kingdom. During August it was the turn of the commercial activity with the countries of the Pacific Alliance and Central America, to conclude with the largest meeting in terms of volume of participants and results, with buyers from Asia, Oceania and the Middle East.

As a final result of these unprecedented meetings, total deals were registered for US$ 105 million for the exporters of the four countries. This is the result of immediate agreements (reached at the same meeting) for US$ 6.4 million, as well as 12-month business projections for US$ 98.6 million.

“We are very satisfied with the results obtained, far exceeding our initial expectations. The Pacific Alliance is a powerful and internationally prestigious commercial platform, which allows our exporters to access buyers with the support of the bloc. As an alliance, we have been forced to adapt quickly, generating concrete actions to push the economic reactivation of Chile and our partners in the region” said the General Director of ProChile, Jorge O’Ryan Schütz.

For her part, the President of ProColombia, Flavia Santoro, indicated that “these virtual business meetings are fundamental to energize intraregional trade, reactivate the economies of our countries and continue positioning ourselves in key markets such as the United Kingdom, Central America, Asia and Oceania. The result reflects the world’s interest in learning about the value offerings of the Pacific Alliance. We will closely follow the business intentions generated by these appointments to make them a reality.

A total of 276 exporters from Chile (54), Colombia (71), Mexico (70) and Peru (81) participated in the meeting, all of them belonging to the food sector (fruits, vegetables, wines and beverages, grains, or sea products), health supplies and pharmaceutical products, containers and packaging, furniture and components for construction, among others; which, through 100% online tools, managed to hold more than a thousand business meetings.

On the Mexican side, Sergio Silva Castañeda, head of the Global Economic Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Economy, commented that: “From Mexico we are very happy with the results of the three e-Roundtables. The virtual format allowed to increase the number of participating companies, target markets and business expectations compared to 2019, drastically reducing costs and limiting the impact of the pandemic. Mexico also granted all the available quotas for the country, in the three e-Roundtables organized, exclusively to MSMEs, to contribute directly to their incorporation into global markets and their economic recovery”

“In the current juncture the world is facing, the four promotion entities quickly took on the challenge of adapting to new digital tools and carrying out activities that contribute to improving the international business of our companies, mainly small and medium-sized ones. The results achieved regarding the number of participating Peruvian exporters, the meetings held, as well as the projections of commercial opportunities, fill us with satisfaction and only reinforce our commitment to continue articulating efforts to achieve growth and competitiveness of our economies,” said the Executive President of PROMPERU, Luis Torres.

This activity was created as a way to help the exporting companies of the bloc that have been affected by the disruption of international trade due to COVID-19 and its advance around the world. Originally, by 2020, the VIII Pacific Alliance Business Macro-Round was planned to be held in Santiago, Chile, but it was replaced by these virtual activities.

As a complement, the e-Roundtables included training spaces prior to the negotiation rounds where the bloc’s entrepreneurs were able to be trained by experts in key aspects such as: market access, cross-border e-commerce and sustainability. These matters are especially relevant in the process of reactivating the economies of the region.

Adjustments to the mission

The Promotion Entities make up one of the 26 technical groups within the working structure of the Pacific Alliance and through their mission they lead the joint promotion plan of this regional integration initiative in multiple aspects.

For 2020, this group received a presidential mandate to develop a promotion plan focusing on sustainable trade, services and industries 4.0, as well as to promote the internationalization of business innovation in member countries and with Observer States. Because of the pandemic, it had to be adapted to the new circumstances in order to meet these objectives.

In order to deepen these actions for the coming months, the group will hold from November 30th to December 4th the LAB4+ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum with a business roundtable dedicated especially to the Services sector, as well as a pitch round for startups from the four countries, all in virtual format.

With buyers from Asia and Oceania: Pacific Alliance’s most ambitious virtual business meeting begins

Already with the experience of 2 previous virtual meetings – with the United Kingdom and Latin America – the promotion entities start the most extensive event and with more participating exporters: 10 business days and 160 entrepreneurs from the 4 countries.

September 2nd, 2020. With nearly 160 exporters from the 4 countries of the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru) and more than 80 buyers from the markets of Australia, China, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam, the third and last virtual business meeting for exporters of the Pacific Alliance began today.

The initiative is part of the action plan of the 4 promotion entities of the bloc – ProChile, ProColombia, the Ministry of Economy of Mexico and Promperu- to help exporters to face the harsh commercial consequences that the Covid-19 pandemic has left worldwide, and especially to Latin American countries.

After the meetings organized with the United Kingdom (in June) and with Intra-Alliance and Central American markets (during August) that ended with business projections for companies in the 4 markets for more than US$ 60.5 million, today begins the last one, which will connect exporters with key economies for the Pacific Alliance and in the process of reactivation of Asia and Oceania.

Given its special characteristics, volume and time zone, this third meeting is considered the most ambitious of all. From today until September 11, it is estimated that 450 business meetings will be held with the buyers called for the occasion.

In terms of participation by countries, there will be 40 exporters from each of them. On this occasion, they will only be from the agrifood sector, since it has a lot of potential in the countries of the Pacific Alliance, and one of the sectors with the greatest demand in Asia. At the same time, it is a sector that has been hard hit by the pandemic.

Academic Sessions

In order to know in detail, the opportunities offered to PA exporters by the markets of Asia and Oceania, preparation sessions were held to better address business meetings with buyers from that region, during the week prior to this meeting.

Firstly, seminars were given on “how to do business” with Asian markets and their current economic situation.

In addition, other topics that have become key during this period, such as e-commerce and sustainability, were addressed. Through presentations given by specialists in both subjects, as well as specific cases of companies from the 4 countries that are implementing this type of measures in their production and commercialization, close to 100 exporters were able to learn about the latest in both trends.

The third and last e-Business Roundtable will end on September 11, and thus will end this virtual initiative that was carried out to replace the traditional Pacific Alliance Business Roundtable, given the impossibility of carrying it out due to the border closures that occurred as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The PA e-Business Roundtables have become an unprecedented initiative, by carrying out this type of meeting completely online and for exporters from 4 countries in parallel.

Among them, US$ 2.06 million of immediate purchases: Pacific Alliance exporters project new business for US$ 43.5 million with buyers from Latin American and the Caribbean

These results correspond to the second virtual business roundtable organized by the 4 PA promotion entities. The online business meetings, which have replaced the traditional Business Macro-round that was suspended because of Covid-19, have already been used by 156 exporters from the 4 countries.

August 25th, 2020. With the intention of reducing losses for exporting companies in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru in the context of the Covid-19 situation at a global level and the consequent contraction of foreign trade, the four promotion entities of the Pacific Alliance -ProChile, ProColombia, the Ministry of Economy of Mexico and Promperu- completed the second of three virtual business meetings, this time with buyers from the region.

In fact, 106 exporting companies participated in this Intra-Alliance and Central America e-Roundtable, which held 433 meetings with importers from Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. During one week of negotiations, and according to the buyer’s estimate, business for US$ 43.5 million would be closed in the coming months.

At the sectoral level, 85% of the appointments were for Food exporters, while the remaining 15% corresponded to the Manufacturing sector. Companies from the following sectors participated: processed food, bee products, nuts, seafood, coffee, cocoa and beverages, as well as health supplies and drugs; medical instruments and devices; cosmetics industry and personal hygiene products; containers and packaging; metalworking and other industries.

Immediate sales

Apart from the future business projections, this second e-Business Roundtable resulted in the immediate concretion of business for US$ 2.06 million.

According to ECLAC estimates, during 2020 Latin American exports to the world will be reduced by 10.7%, having China as the destination with the greatest contraction (21.7%). While shipments to the United States and the European Union would each contract by over 7% annually, these being the main destinations of the Pacific Alliance.

In this context, the promotion entities defined this second meeting in the Latin American region, in order to boost economic recovery, and through e-commerce. Today, thanks to the trade agreements signed, 98% of the commercial exchange between the countries of the bloc has zero tariff, which encouraged the realization of this virtual meeting to promote intraregional trade.

These results were the prelude to the third and last edition of the virtual business roundtables. In the first two versions, 156 exporters from the four countries have participated and have met with 81 buyers from 11 nations, leaving to date potential business for US$ 60.5 million.

The meetings with buyers from Asia and Oceania will start on September 2nd.

With UK importers: First Pacific Alliance e-Business Roundtable ends with US$17 million in projected business

The unprecedented virtual meeting, which replaced the Business Macro-round organized by ProChile, ProColombia, the Ministry of Economy of Mexico and PROMPERU, brought together 50 exporters from the four countries. It also closed with concrete business deals for US$1.5 million.

Between June 23 and July 2, the promotion entities of the member countries of the Pacific Alliance (ProChile, ProColombia, the Ministry of Economy of Mexico and PROMPERU), carried out for the first time since its creation an “e-Business Roundtable”, an opportunity in which they managed to connect 50 exporting companies with 24 importers from the United Kingdom.

Thanks to the 125 meetings held, the entrepreneurs achieved positive business results. They closed immediate business deals for US$ 1.5 million, and in turn a final projection for US$ 17 million for the next 12 months.

The priority sectors for this trade meeting were fresh fruit, nuts, specialty coffee, and cocoa and its derivatives, as well as honey and beverages.

The Director-General of ProChile, Jorge O’Ryan, expressed his satisfaction with this first virtual meeting organized jointly by the four countries. “As promotion agencies we are seeking to articulate our work to provide concrete support to our exporters, and thus mitigate the damage caused by COVID-19. In this sense, this first e-Roundtable is an important turn, passing our expertise to a virtual format, being able to generate enough confidence with the importers so that they can do business. Without a doubt, the result has exceeded our expectations with the amounts obtained”.

Similarly, the president of ProColombia, Flavia Santoro, indicated that “these good results with the United Kingdom encourage us to continue working towards intraregional economic reactivation. For the next two e-Roundtables, we also seek to achieve positive results with the countries of the bloc, the Central American countries and especially those in Asia, where we see great potential to increase non-mining energy exports from our countries”.

On the Mexican side, the head of the Global Economic Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Economy, Dr. Sergio Silva, commented that “as the Pacific Alliance we must continue to take advantage of the opportunities that technological tools give us, adapting ourselves to the circumstances and seeking to maintain international trade during this juncture. With innovations such as this first e-Roundtable, we support the inclusion of companies in global markets, reducing costs and achieving diversification in export destinations”.

Finally, the executive president of PROMPERU, Luis Torres, highlighted the articulated work of the agencies at this juncture to provide virtual tools for trade promotion to exporting companies, mainly SMEs, and expressed the commitment to continue making the greatest effort to help them realize their internationalization projects, which will continue throughout the year, confident that they will have as good results as in this first e-Business Roundtable.

Pacific Alliance exports to the United Kingdom had an increase of 1.1% in 2019 compared to 2018, according to statistics provided by the Directorate of Studies of SUBREI – ProChile.

The e-Business Roundtables were born as a way to help the small and medium-sized exporting companies of the bloc that have been affected by the interruption of international trade due to COVID-19 and its advance around the world.

This activity was the first of three virtual business meetings organized by the promotion agencies of the Pacific Alliance and that will replace in 2020 its traditional Business Macro-round. The next ones will be held with Intralianza and Central American buyers, between August 11 and 21 – registrations for exporters are already open – and the last one with Asian importers for the month of September.

All information on dates and calls is available at the following link: https://www.prochile.gob.cl/difusion/varios/eRuedas-de-negocios-Alianza-Pacifico/index.html

Más de 200 pymes participan en Macrorrueda de Negocios de la Alianza del Pacífico

Empresas esperan realizar importantes transacciones comerciales.

Los sectores de agroindustria, confecciones y manufacturas serán los protagonistas de esta edición.

Con grandes expectativas comerciales inició en Arequipa, Perú, la VII Macrorrueda de Negocios de la Alianza del Pacífico, en las que se hacen presentes 220 pequeñas y medianas empresas (pymes) exportadoras de Chile, Colombia, México y Perú, que sostendrán citas con más de 150 compradores no solo del bloque sino también de Asia y Oceanía.

Esta es la más grande plataforma de negocios no solo del bloque económico sino de Latinoamérica enfocada a contribuir al mayor comercio de las pymes de Chile, Colombia, México y Perú y de ingresar a terceras economías, principalmente a las del Asia Pacífico. En ese sentido, participarán también empresarios de China, Japón, Corea del Sur, India, Indonesia, Malasia, Filipinas, Singapur, Tailandia, Vietnam, Australia y Nueva Zelanda.

Los productos a tratarse por las casi 400 empresas participantes en este encuentro son de los sectores agroindustrial, confecciones y manufacturas, como frutas y hortalizas, confitería y chocolatería, oferta acuícola y pesquera, granos, café, cacao, además de materiales y acabados para la construcción, envases y embalajes, línea cosmética y cuidado personal, confecciones, joyería, artesanía, calzado, entre otros.

Luego de ediciones exitosas en las regiones de la Alianza del Pacífico como Pereira, Colombia y Oaxaca, México, este año la ciudad de Arequipa se convertirá en la Capital de las Pymes de Chile, Colombia, México y Perú recibiendo a empresas exportadoras e importadoras del bloque económico y de muchos países Observadores y Candidatos a Asociados al proceso.

Esta sétima versión de la Macrorrueda de Negocios de la Alianza Pacífico es organizada por PROMPERÚ con el apoyo de ProChile, ProColombia y la Secretaría de Economía de México, y espera generar más de 2.500 contactos comerciales.

El dato

La Alianza del Pacífico es la sexta economía del mundo. En el 2018, las exportaciones de este bloque al mundo totalizaron US$  615 006 millones, lo que mostró un incremento de 9.7% con respecto al año anterior.

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Más de 400 empresarios de la Alianza del Pacífico y Asia se darán cita en macrorrueda de negocios

  • Se negociarán productos de los sectores agroindustrial, confecciones y manufacturas.
  • Se proyectan 2,500 contactos comerciales.

8 de julio de 2019.- Más de 400 empresarios, entre compradores y exportadores de los sectores agroindustrial, confecciones y manufacturas de Chile, Colombia, México, Perú y otros países invitados asiáticos, se darán cita en la VII Macrorrueda de Negocios de la Alianza del Pacífico 2019, que se desarrollará el 10 y 11 de julio en la ciudad de Arequipa, Perú.

Esta plataforma comercial tiene por finalidad promover el comercio intrarregional y promocionar la oferta exportable del bloque a fin de ingresar a terceras economías, principalmente a las del Asia Pacífico. En ese sentido, participarán también empresarios de China, Japón, Corea del Sur, India, Indonesia, Malasia, Filipinas, Singapur, Tailandia, Vietnam, Australia y Nueva Zelanda.

“Ya son siete años consecutivos que nos reunimos como países miembro de la Alianza del Pacífico con el objeto de generar nuevas oportunidades comerciales para las empresas de Chile, Colombia, México y Perú. Esperamos que esta nueva versión traiga resultados positivos, y que las exportadoras de nuestro país encuentren en la macrorrueda de negocios oportunidades concretas, así como nuevos aliados estratégicos para robustecer sus procesos de internacionalización y diversificación” expresó el Director General de ProChile, Jorge O’Ryan Schütz.

“Esta cita de negocios demuestra la fortaleza del comercio intrarregional y el potencial que tenemos como Alianza del Pacífico cuando actuamos como bloque, para aprovechar las oportunidades de negocios en un continente como el asiático, en donde hay un gran interés por la oferta exportable de nuestros países. Será un escenario ideal para identificar nuevas posibilidades de diversificación”, manifestó Flavia Santoro, Presidenta de ProColombia.

“La gran virtud de la macrorrueda de negocios es brindar oportunidades de negocio a empresas pequeñas y medianas que están buscando expandirse. La búsqueda de nuevos mercados y la incorporación de PyMEs exportadoras a cadenas globales, elementos que favorece este evento, se encuentran en sintonía con dos de los pilares de la estrategia económica de México: inclusión y diversificación”, afirmó Álvaro Castro, Director General de Vinculación Económica Internacional de la Secretaría de Economía de México.

“El éxito de todas las ediciones de la macrorrueda solo refleja la importancia del trabajo en conjunto que se viene realizando en el bloque y el gran interés por hacer negocios con los países invitados del Asia Pacifico, una de las regiones fundamentales de la economía global y que debe ser bien aprovechada”, manifestó el Presidente Ejecutivo de PROMPERÚ, Luis Torres Paz.

Entre la oferta ofrecida están las frutas y hortalizas, productos de confitería y chocolatería, así como acuícolas y pesqueros, granos, café, cacao, además de materiales y acabados para la construcción, envases y embalajes, línea cosmética y cuidado personal, confecciones, joyería, artesanía, calzado, entre otros.

Más de 300 citas de negocios dejó encuentro comercial de empresarias líderes de la Alianza del Pacífico

PROCHILE, PROCOLOMBIA, PROMÉXICO y PROMPERÚ reunieron en Bogotá a 44 empresarias del Sistema Moda y Agroalimentos con 34 potenciales compradores internacionales.

El encuentro comercial, que promueve la participación y generación de negocios de las empresas de la Alianza del Pacífico que son lideradas por mujeres, se llevó a cabo el 28 de noviembre y culminó con expectativas de negocios por US$4.285.400 y cerrados en el momento por un total de US$ 79.400.

Las empresarias asistentes tuvieron 300 citas de negocios con compradores internacionales. Entre ellas se encontraba Natalie Prutsky, creadora de la empresa de snacks saludables Mamalama de Perú, quien destacó que “este tipo de eventos realizados por la Alianza del Pacífico permite explorar nuevos contactos para conquistar nuevos mercados. Estamos aquí porque queremos encontrar un socio comercial que quiera trabajar con nuestra marca y quiera desarrollarla en su mercado local”. 

También participó la colombiana Juliana Jaramillo, fundadora y gerente de la empresa de calzado fisiológico Feels Very Nice, quien señaló que este bloque comercial le ha permitido conquistar países como Perú, México y Chile, en donde sus productos ingresan con cero arancel, lo que representa una ventaja importante a la hora de competir y presentarle los productos a sus clientes.

Igualmente, el 27 de noviembre se llevó a cabo la jornada académica del IV Foro Empresarias Líderes de la Alianza del Pacífico y contó con la participación de importantes expositoras como la peruana Jessica Rodríguez, Fundadora y Directora Comercial de la compañía peruana Art Atlas, Kaitlin King, directora del Incubation Program en NUMA México, Ana Romero, Empresaria & Fundadora de la Comunidad de Empoderamiento Tacos Fuertes de Perú, Nicole Verdugo, Jefa del Departamento de Género de la Dirección de Relaciones Económicas Internacionales – DIRECON – de Chile, la chilena Fabiola Olate, presidenta de la Comunidad Mujeres Influyentes y Juliana Barreto, Directora Internacional de la Comunidad Mujeres Influyentes y Jurado de Shark Tank Colombia.

“Este foro lo que hace es unir a mujeres empresarias para entregar herramientas e inspirar a otras mujeres. Las redes son fundamentales y necesitamos espacios para generar más lazos; si una mujer avanza todas avanzamos”, enfatizó la chilena Fabiola Olate, presidenta de la Comunidad Mujeres Influyentes y líder del panel Mujeres Influyentes.

Durante la jornada académica se realizó el panel Historias de éxito empresarial de las mujeres de la Alianza del Pacífico, en donde participaron cuatro empresarias de los países miembros de este bloque comercial. Ingrid Motta, Directora General de BrainGame Central de México, fue una de estas panelistas y subrayó que “la economía mundial necesita a las mujeres, y debemos quitarnos los miedos y enfocarnos en nuestros sueños. La Alianza del Pacifico ha hecho un trabajo estupendo para empoderar a la mujer y facilitar el networking entre los cuatro países”.

Para ver más fotografías del evento ingresa a: https://bit.ly/2P9MzLF